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10 Greatest That ’70s Show Celebrity Cameos & Guest Spots In All 8 Seasons

That ‘70s Show has many celebrity cameos, but some stand out for the blend of comedy, chemistry, and entertainment value they brought to the show.

  •  Alice Cooper’s cameo as himself in season 3 brings rock and roll authenticity to That ’70s Show , delivering a funny fantasy sequence and a game of Dungeons & Dragons.
  •  Kevin McDonald’s Pastor Dave character is a recurring highlight, with his uncool attempts to connect with the teens leading to hilarious misadventures.
  •  Seth Green’s portrayal of Eric’s nemesis, Mitch Miller, stands out as one of That ’70s Show ‘s best guest spots, making him a character viewers love to hate.

That ‘70s Show is home to several hilarious and memorable guest spots throughout its eight seasons, but 10 of them rise to the top as the show’s most iconic. Set in the fictional small town of Point Place, Wisconsin, That ‘70s Show follows the coming-of-age journeys of Eric Forman and his friends throughout the last half of the 1970s. The main characters’ stories continue in the recent That ‘90s Show reboot, but the show’s cast and plot definitely hits its peak in the original That ‘70s Show (despite the rocky eighth season).

That ‘70s Show’s complements its amazing lineup of main characters with guest spots and cameos from new and established celebrities. Ranging from major stars to celebrities who have a connection to the show’s 1970s setting, That ‘70s Show’s celebrity guest spots remain some of the most memorable appearances on TV. However, 10 of the show’s guest stars stand out for the special blend of comedy, chemistry, and sheer entertainment value they brought to That ‘70s Show.

10Alice Cooper As Himself

Alice Cooper in That 70s Show

1970s-era rock and roll is a vital component of That ‘70s Show, which makes Alice Cooper’s cameo as himself absolutely perfect. Cooper appears in That ’70s Show season 3, episode 14, “Radio Daze,” which focuses on Eric’s jealousy over Donna’s new radio station job. Eric has a fantasy about Donna at the radio station, featuring a humorous cameo from Cooper, during which the rock star suggests feeding Eric to his snake. The shock rocker also plays a game of Dungeons & Dragons with the other radio station staff. The absurdity of this scenario serves as the perfect bookend to Cooper’s appearance on That ‘70s Show.

9Kevin McDonald As Pastor Dave

Pastor Dave in That 70s Show

That ’70s Show often sees the teenage characters’ modernity clashing with the adult characters’ traditional values. Somewhere in the middle of that struggle is Kevin McDonald’s That ’70s Show character. The Kids In The Hall actor plays Pastor Dave, a youth pastor whose attempts to be hip and relate to the sitcom’s teen protagonists only result in him coming across as the exact opposite. After his initial appearance in That ’70s Show season 2, episode 23, “Holy Crap!,” Pastor Dave becomes an iconic recurring character.

Pastor Dave has several hysterical moments throughout his six episodes of That ’70s Show, from his attempts to help Kitty to straighten out her church-ditching family to his misadventures with the gang when Eric is put in charge of the church’s Christmas pageant. Whatever the scenario, Pastor Dave’s efforts to guide the kids onto the righteous path always result in hilarity. Despite being a minor That ‘70s Show character, Pastor Dave and his painfully uncool demeanor are highlights of every episode that he’s in.

8Seth Green As Mitch Miller

Mitch Miller in That '70s Show

Seth Green is known for his comedic roles in shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken, but his stint on That ‘70s Show is also a highlight of his career. Green had a recurring role in That ’70s Show season 5, where he played Mitch Miller, Eric’s nemesis throughout the season. Mitch slights Eric at nearly every turn, whether he and his dad are competing against Eric and Red in a Paul Bunyan competition or he’s trying to steal Donna. Eric had other rivals in That ‘70s Show. However, Green’s ability to make Mitch a character viewers love to hate cements him as one of the show’s best guest spots.

7Dwayne Johnson As Rocky Johnson

Dwayne Johnson in That '70s Show

Dwayne Johnson is known as an actor nowadays, but he was initially a professional wrestler, which That ‘70s Show took advantage of for his hilarious season 1 cameo. In That ’70s Show season 1, episode 15, “That Wrestling Show,” Johnson appears as Rocky Johnson (the actor’s real-life father). Rocky is one of the wrestlers competing at the match that Red, Bob, and the gang go to. Johnson’s That ’70s Show cameo was one of his first TV roles, and it left an impression.

6Brooke Shields As Pam Burkhart

brooke shields that 70s show

Considering Jackie’s shallow obsessions with appearance and materialism, it’s natural to question how Jackie came to be. Audiences finally get the answer with Brooke Shields’ guest spot on That ‘70s Show. Taking over the role from Eve Plumb, Shields appears on the show as Jackie’s mom, Pam Burkhart. Pam’s reappearance in Point Place during season 6 shakes up the main characters’ lives. The boys fawn over Pam, and she and Bob even have a brief fling. Shields is not just funny; she also brings believable characterization to Jackie’s mother, making her That ‘70s Show performances even more impressive.

5Billy Dee Williams As Pastor Dan

billy dee williams that 70s show

One of Eric’s major character traits throughout That ‘70s Show is his obsession with Star Wars, which makes Billy Dee Williams’ cameo absolutely perfect. Williams appears in That ’70s Show season 6, episode 14, “Baby Don’t You Do It,” as Pastor Dan. Pastor Dan is facilitating Eric and Donna’s pre-marriage counseling. Unfortunately for Donna, it’s revealed that Pastor Dan is just as obsessed with Star Wars as Eric, making their counseling session fairly unproductive. The Star Wars actor does a great job of making his character feel like more than just a Star Wars reference while still being funny, making his cameo on That ‘70s Show especially memorable.

4Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Buddy Morgan

Eric and Buddy in That '70s Show

Of all the one-episode guest spots in That ‘70s Show, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s stands out as one of the best. In That ’70s Show season 1, episode 11, “Eric’s Buddy,” Gordon-Levitt plays Eric’s lab partner, Buddy Morgan. The two become close over the course of the episode, but their friendship is complicated by the revelation that Buddy has a crush on Eric. Gordon-Levitt brings both humor and humanity to Buddy, a striking feat considering season 1’s 1998 air date. Beyond Gordon-Levitt’s skillful portrayal, his appearance is also historically significant for featuring the first kiss between two men on American TV.

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3Mary Tyler Moore As Christine St. George

Mary Tyler Moore in That 70s Show

Mary Tyler Moore is an icon of 1970s television, thanks to her lead role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Fittingly, Moore’s guest role in That ‘70s Show allows her to travel back in time to a 1970s newsroom. She appears in three episodes of season 8 as Christine St. George, Jackie’s boss and the star of the fictional news show What’s Up Wisconsin. Christine is cantankerous and difficult to please, giving Jackie a run for her money as she tries to find her place at the news station. Unfortunately, Christine ends up firing Jackie, bringing Moore’s stint on That ‘70s Show to a close.

Not only does Moore bring her sitcom prowess to her portrayal of Christine on That ‘70s Show, but the part draws a fun connection to Moore’s TV career. Moore played a similar role to Christine St. George on The Mary Tyler Moore Show with the much-kinder Mary Richards. Seeing her portray a character that’s so similar yet so different adds another layer to the humor. This connection to her famous role and the masterclass in comedy acting that she brings make Moore one of the best guest stars to grace That ‘70s Show.

2Bruce Willis As Vic

bruce willis that 70s show

Bruce Willis’ cameo on That ‘70s Show might be one of the shortest appearances in terms of runtime. Despite this, Willis delivers what is easily one of the most hysterical guest spots in the series’ history. In That ’70s Show season 8, episode 4, “Misfire”, Willis plays Vic, the sleazy head of security at the Playboy Club in Chicago. Vic appears in a brief flashback, during which Kelso recounts an interview he had for a security gig at the Playboy Club. Throughout the interview, Vic is anything but professional, peering through a peephole in his office wall and making Kelso touch his bald head.

Willis’ role as Vic on That ‘70s Show is easily one of the series’ best guest spots, which is impressive considering the fact that his appearance only lasts around two minutes. In that time, Willis brings the same level of care and depth to the characterization of Vic that he does to any of his bigger movie roles. He also shows off his laugh-out-loud comedic chops. Because of the absolute laugh riot Willis is able to accomplish in such a short time span, his appearance is cemented as one of That ‘70s Show’s most iconic cameos.

1Betty White As Bea Sigurdson

Betty White in That '70s Show

Only one person could completely upstage the main That ‘70s Show characters in a guest spot, and that is the late, great Betty White. Another alum of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, White brings Bea Sigurdson, Kitty’s mother, to life. Unlike her Mary Tyler Moore Show character Sue Ann Nivens, Bea’s initial sweetness is a mere facade to cover up her biting, critical nature. Between her humorous interactions with the Forman family and her hysterical dynamic with her husband, Bea makes a strong impression during her season 5 arc.

White’s Bea is full of hysterical moments, but she also has a softer side. Viewers glimpse Bea’s humanity when Kitty walks in on her mother crying after Burt’s funeral. The moment is thoughtfully and realistically portrayed by White. White’s well-rounded characterization of Bea is especially impressive considering the character only appears in four season 5 episodes. Equal parts touching, sweet, biting, and hilarious, White’s character is the gold standard for That ‘70s Show guest spots.

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