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That ’70s Show: 10 Memes That Sum Up The Show

Before That '90s Show comes, it's time to look at some memes that hilariously sum up That '70s Show.

That ’70s Show has finally been given a promising spinoff treatment with the forthcoming That ’90s Show. The show is set to release in late 2022 or early 2023, promising the return of many beloved characters from the original series, including Laura Prepon as Donna and Topher Grace as Eric.

From Eric and Red’s father-son relationship to the ongoing tomfoolery of Hyde, Kelso, and Jackie, That ’70s Show is iconic and lovable. With the show’s widespread success and high hopes for a successful spinoff, these memes might be a groovy reminder of what That ’70s Show is all about.

Red’s Constant Pessimism

Red Foreman talks to Eric Foreman in That 70's Show

Red Forman is intended to be the epitome of a stern father in the 1970s. With an emotionless demeanor and little care for the petty problems his family undergoes, Red surely becomes the somewhat comedic, but almost always harsh father.

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This post from Memebase highlights Red’s unfeeling demeanor with a funny encounter with Eric. His sarcastic, half-witted remark about Star Wars sums up his role in the show well.

Groovy Transitions Between Scenes

That 70s Show Meme with Forman family

As with all sitcoms, That ’70s Show includes romantic or family drama. What is funny and exclusive to the show compared to others, however, is the very “seventies” transition clips between scenes in the show. Whether the gang just had an elated time in Eric’s basement or a serious topic comes up, a funny transition—usually involving bright colors and dancing—is inevitable.

This meme hilariously points out that sometimes the ’70s transitions don’t work out in the favor of the emotion the episode is trying to conjure. Nevertheless, the wacky transitions are a staple of the show.

Just People Living in the Moment

Eric, Fez, Hyde, and Kelso from That '70s Show laughing

One important task for That ’70s Show was to convey—perhaps in parody—what 1970s America was like. From Red’s stern and emotionless character to the height of the weekend being a trip to the mall, they managed to portray the ’70s well and in a comedic way.

This meme tweeted by playboiimichael captures an iconic part of That ’70s Show often called “the circle,” that should appear in That ’90s Show. In an era bent on “circle” times, the show conveys the group’s experiments with a popular (but not always legal) ’70s pastime, often ending in outlandish humor and odd observations.

Could You Be More Annoying?

That 70s Show Jackie Meme

The queen of sass in That ’70s Show is easily Jackie, who is played by Mila Kunis. Though she’s with Kelso most of the show, her relationship status changes throughout its 8 season run. One thing that never changes is her confidence and ability to get what she wants.

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This meme from That 70s show memes on Facebook sums up Jackie’s character well. Much of her time on the show is spent being the drama queen that always gets what she wants. This meme hilariously points out that we may not have ever seen the full potential of Jackie’s sass and attitude.

Jackie and Hyde’s Relationship

That 70s Show Meme Jackie and Hyde

One point of contention in later seasons is that of Jackie and Hyde’s relationship. Kelso and Jackie spent much of the show in an on-and-off relationship, but the final season saw changes and a new potential for romance in Jackie and Hyde. Unfortunately, this is one thing that the show decided to leave open-ended.

This meme from nightskies on Tumblr sums up the way the writers of That ’70s Show seemed to neglect their relationship’s development throughout Season 8. It may be a plot thread in That ’70s Show that was ambiguous, but at least we got a hint of what they were like together.

Kelso’s Eye Always Gets Hurt

That 70s Show Hyde Meme

One running gag throughout the show is Hyde and Kelso’s notorious scuffles. Whether it’s over a pointed one-liner or something deeper, Hyde usually tackles Kelso, who follows screaming, “my eye!”

This meme hilariously notes that it seems like Hyde can’t help but aim for the head when tussling with Kelso. Tackling him over the couch isn’t enough if he doesn’t land a blow to Kelso’s eye.

Eric and Donna’s Relationship

That 70s Show Eric and Donna meme

A trademark of Eric’s character growing up during the ’70s is his love of all things Star Wars. He’s known to make countless references to the galaxy far, far away, especially Luke Skywalker.

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This meme uses the classic meme format to highlight how much Eric talks about Star Wars around Donna, and that he just can’t help bringing up Luke Skywalker. It’s such a big part of his life that Donna even dresses up as Leia at one point, fulfilling his relationship dreams.

Transitions Resembling Bowling

That 70s Show Bowling Meme

The wacky transitions on That ’70s Show may have inspired the trend of bowling alleys having funky spare/strike celebration videos in later years. The “Nobody:, Bowling Alley Screen” meme arose over the years, trying to find a funny or outlandish scene to replicate the trend.

This meme might be the best rendition of the template, bringing in That ’70s Show. It may also be the most accurate, as both are brought about by the idea that something somewhat normal (like dancing or bowling) can be made into a fun, weird transition.

Red Is Always Bothered By The Kids

That 70s Show Meme Red Forman

No matter what kind of wild adventures Eric and his friends go on, they eventually find a way to make it back under the Forman roof. Red barely gives Eric attention, much less Eric’s friends. Though they’ve got some of the best friendships on That ’70s Show, they still don’t manage to get the praise of Red that often.

This meme hilariously combines Stranger Things with That ’70s Show, to sum up, Red’s interactions with the kids perfectly. Not to mention it directly quotes one of Red’s most famous lines about the obligation to love the kids who come into the house.

Hyde Always Goes Against The Flow


That 70s Show Meme Hyde listens to Led Zeppelin

Hyde might be the coolest of the That ’70s Show friend group—or at least he acts like it. While he is not returning for That ’90s Show, he was a staple of comedic relief in the original series and even had some good character development as the show progressed.

This meme sums up his character as the rebellious, carefree, rock ‘n’ roll loving friend that he is. There is no doubt that if he did return in That ’90s Show, he definitely would have said these exact words. The real question is whether he would have liked Nirvana.

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