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John Wayne estate share sweetest thing Steve McQueen said about Duke

John Wayne's estate have shared a touching thing Steve McQueen said about Duke.

Steve McQueen may have been known for being a Hollywood tough guy who feuded with the likes of Yul Brynner and Paul Newman.

Yet The Great Escape star had a huge admiration for John Wayne, having grown up watching the Western legend.

McQueen’s biographer Marshall Terrill recalled: “McQueen greatly respected the Duke and held him up as the gold standard for movie stars.”

The pair enjoyed the occasional cheeky antics together, including one time at the 1966 Golden Globes.

Hanging out backstage waiting to go on, Wayne realised he didn’t have time to find the restroom so began peeing against a wall or on a curtain.

steve and john

John Wayne estate share sweetest thing Steve McQueen said about Duke (Image: GETTY)

McQueen spotted Duke relieving himself and couldn’t stop laughing before joining him for a leak.

According to The Great Escape star’s widow Barbara Minty, he would remember this encounter with a “huge smile”.

And now John Wayne’s estate have shared a picture of the two late stars hugging, with a sweet line by McQueen on Duke.

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