NRA Gun Of The Week: Winchester SX4 Left Hand Waterfowl Hunter

In the early 1970s, Winchester began the laborious work of designing an all new semi-automatic shotgun platform. From these efforts, the Super-X Model 1 was born, a gas-operated design that stood the test of time. Nearly 50 years into production, and a few design enhancements later, the Super-X is now on its fourth iteration. This latest version gives the left-handed community of shotgunners a mirrored model packed with Winchester’s latest enhancements to the Super-X design. Watch the video above to see the SX4 Left Hand Waterfowl Hunter in use on the NRA Tech Range.

The SX4’s Left Hand model was announced at SHOT Show 2022 with four variations, all chambered for 12 gauge. Whether you’re heading into the deep marshes or the five-stand field, the SX4 Left Hand line has a niche-filling product for you. The example we have on the range here is the Waterfowl Hunter model in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat camouflage. This is a purpose-built scattergun that is capable of firing everything from lightweight target loads to the heaviest hunting loads available, all the way up to 3.5” magnums. This versatility requires a robust operating system, which is what Winchester’s SX4 has built its reputation upon. The Active Valve Gas System, which was the basis for both the SX2 and SX3  lines, has seen further refinement in the new Super-X 4 Left Hand, creating an action that cycles faster and a gun that balances better for a smooth swing combined with consistent operation.

SX4 Waterfowl Hunter muzzle choke tube callout

Given the southpaw theme here, it is easy to notice the SX4 Left Hand is, in fact, an exact mirrored example of its right-side-ejecting family members. This is no easy feat for any manufacturer to pull off. Winchester managed to retain all the features that made the SX4 great, such as a trimmed-down fore-end and buttstock. Generously sized controls adorn the left side of the aluminum receiver. An updated cocking handle reciprocates on the unit’s left side and beneath is an enlarged trigger guard. Both are designed for use with gloved fingers. Winchester also provides a reversible, cross-bolt-style safety, so whether left- or right-handed operators are using the gun, it can be configured accordingly. Further enabling user customization, Winchester also includes a set of length-of-pull spacers with each SX4, which are placed between the stock and the company’s recoil-reducing Inflex recoil pad.

Trigger assembly of the Winchester SX4 Left Hand Waterfowl Hunter shotgun

Whether your choice for the Waterfowl Hunter is either a 26″ or 28″ barrel, what you get is a chrome-lined example that is back-bored for pattern optimization and threaded for Invector-Plus-pattern, removeable choke tubes. Our testers found the SX4 Left Hand Waterfowl Hunter to be a fun platform on the range. The gun exhibited smooth shooting, which is characteristic of the active valve gas system and overall stock design. The ventilated sighting rib gives the barrel some rigidity while guiding eyes directly onto the target. Our testers enjoyed the bright sight up front from TruGlo, which is a fiber-optic pipe. The gun’s controls and manual of arms are easy to master, even for a right-handed shooter, if need be.

Shooting the Winchester SX4 Left Hand Waterfowl Hunter shotgun man earmuffs glasses indoors target range

Importer: Winchester Repeating Arms
Action Type: gas-piston-operated semi-automatic shotgun
Gauge: 12; 3½”
Barrel: 26″; Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat camouflage finish
Receiver: aluminum; Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat camouflage finish
Sights: ventilated rib, fiber-optic front
Magazine: four-round tubular
Stock: adjustable, polymer; Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat camouflage finish
Overall Length: 47″
Weight: 7 lbs.
MSRP: $1,319

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