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Costume designer who dressed John Wayne dies

Born October 26, 1937 in Ruleville, Mississippi, Luster Bayless FHe was the captain of his high school football team and later spent two years in the Navy. He hitchhiked to Los Angeles when a friend arranged for him a job interview at a costume design company, Western Costume, where he worked until 1961, while earning extra income as a bartender at a bar near Paramount Studios. . There he established a relationship with workers from the world of cinema, who recommended him to work in feature films.

After several titles for the Walt Disney Company, Luster Bayless worked for the first time with John Wayne in The Great McLintok, 1963. The Duke was so delighted with his work that he made him an offer. “Look, I want you to do all my movies.” the designer recalled in an interview in 2013 . “I replied that I was delighted, and he told me that he had six titles signed at that time.”. She dressed him again Value of law (1969), The indestructibles (1969), chisum (1970), River Wolf (1970), big jack (1971), John Wayne and the Cowboys (1972), The gallows noose (1973), train robbers (1973), mcq (1974), The rifle and the bible (1975), Brannigan (1975) and the last gunslinger (1976), John Wayne’s last work.

Also, Luster Bayless worked on other big movies like the great fightby John Ford, Mary Poppins, A wild and free rider arrives and apocalypse nowby Francis Ford Coppola. In 1977, he created the American Costume Co. (now known as United*American Costume) in North Hollywood, which was the first independent company to provide an entire film costume for major companies for a set budget. “FHe was the first to break with his studies,” says his daughter. The firm has dealt with titles such as Return to the future and titanica.

In 1965, Luster Bayless married Patricia Voght, whom he met at Disney when she was a studio tour guide. They were married at lunchtime and then he went back to work. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in the mid-1980s.

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