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Only Fools and Horses’ Sue Holderness opens up on tragic loss ‘Don’t believe he’s gone’

ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES star John Challis, who starred as car dealer Boycie, died last September and his co-star has revealed she still hasn't come to terms with his death.

Only Fools and Horses fans were saddened by the news of John Challis’ death last September and his co-star Sue Holderness has admitted she’s struggled to accept the tragic news. John and Sue, who played on-screen couple Boycie and Marlene became close friends after appearing on the BBC comedy together. On Friday’s edition of The One Show, Sue opened up on her loss.

Sue was invited onto The One Show after Only Fools and Horses was crowned the nation’s most-loved BBC TV programme by viewers.

The actress revealed to Alex Jones and Ronan Keating she remained in contact with John’s wife Carol since the actor died following a battle with cancer.

Sue began: “Double acts you often hear hate each other, John and I became very good friends right from the very beginning.

“His wife and my husband, the four of us would go on holiday together, we saw each other regularly, I still speak to Carol every day.

Only Fools and Horses John Challis Sue Holderness Sir David Jason

Only Fools and Horses: John Challis, Sue Holderness and Sir David Jason starred in the hit comedy (Image: GETTY/BBC)

Only Fools and Horses Sue Holderness The One Show

Only Fools and Horses: Sue spoke about her former co-star on The One Show (Image: BBC)

“It’s very difficult for me to say that I have really gone through the grieving process because I haven’t, I still don’t believe he is gone.”

“He feels very much as though he is still with us and, of course, he will be with us,” she added.

“He will be in our lives forever because of the wonderful Boycie that he created.”

The Only Fools and Horses actress shared her excitement at the comedy being crowned number one by The One Show viewers.

Only Fools and Horses Sue Holderness The One Show Alex Jones Ronan Keating

Revealing why she thinks the drama continues to be a hit, she said: “It’s because it’s just wonderful, funny, family entertainment and it doesn’t date.

“The storylines were good, the jokes were good, wasn’t I lucky to be in it?”

Ronan asked Sue if Only Fools and Horses fans still come up to her in the street.

She replied: “Young people come up and they presumably have been watching it with their parents and they love it.

“I think that’s what John Sullivan wanted, he had the older generation and kids in mind when he was writing his shows.”

“He wanted everybody, the whole family, to be able to sit and watch his shows and laugh.

“I hear it all the time that in these really rather gruesome times people are turning to Only Fools particularly because it is escapism really.

“You can forget what is going on outside and it is huge fun, they say laughter is the best medicine.”

Alex read out a message from Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter star Sir David Jason.

She said: “I’m delighted that Only Fools and Horses seems to be as popular as ever and that The One Show viewers have enjoyed it over the years lovely jubbly.”

The One Show public vote left Doctor Who in second place and Strictly Come Dancing finished in third.

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