New For 2023: Walther Arms PD380

Walther Arms knows a thing or two about self-defense handguns as the manufacturer of one of the most famous concealed carry handgun in the world, the PPK. While the company still manufactures that iconic handgun, over the years, it has modernized its compact .380 ACP pistol line-up, with models like the PK380 and CCP M2 .380. New for 2023, Walther is introducing what it calls “covert carry re-imagined.” It is the PD380, an update of Walther’s PK380 platform using innovations developed for its PDP series of 9 mm Luger handguns.

Right side of the all-black Walther PD380 pistol.The PD380 is an update of Walther’s PK380, incorporating many innovations taken from the company’s PDP-series of handguns.

The PD380 is a polymer-frame, semi-automatic pistol that uses a short recoil, locked-breech action. It is hammer-fired, using a double action/single action trigger mechanism. A manual safety lever is mounted bilaterally on the slide. It blocks the hammer from reaching the firing pin and allows the hammer to be manually lowered with the safety on.

The paddle-type magazine release is placed in the lower edge of the trigger guard and located on both sides of the pistol for ambidextrous use. In keeping with its low-profile, the pistol uses an internal slide catch that is engaged by an empty magazine. The PD380 uses a metal magazine of a single-stack design that has a capacity of nine rounds. Two magazines are supplied with each pistol.

The size and weight of the PD380 makes for an easy-to-manipulate pistol with mild recoil. Combining an external hammer with a locked-breech mechanism renders a slide that requires less force to rack than most striker-fired semi-automatic handguns.

In terms of concealed carry, the PD380 has an overall length of 6.48” and a height of 5.15”. Its slide width is 0.95”, while the pistol is 1.15” at its widest point. The barrel is 3.7”. It weighs 20.6 ozs.

Left side of Walther's PD380 pistol.Updates on the PD380 includes “SuperTerrain” slide serrations and a “Performance Duty Grip Texture” on the frame.

The PD380 has many updates that it takes from the Walther PDP series of handguns. The slide has Walther’s wide and deep “SuperTerrain” serrations on the front and rear. Frame texture is the “Performance Duty Grip Texture,” which uses small raised “tetrahedrals” that give a positive gripping surface, without being too abrasive to wear concealed under clothes.

Like the PDP series, sights are Glock-compatible, meaning there are a plethora of aftermarket options. The supplied sight uses a three-dot system, and the rear is adjustable for windage and elevation.

The Walther PD380 has a MSRP of $449

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