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Josh Meyers Says Demi Moore Ruined A ‘That ’70s Show’ Finale Take By Answering Her Phone

Yesterday, Seth Meyers and his look-a-like brother Josh Meyers went on Penn Badgley’s Podcrushed to talk about their careers, childhoods, and new podcast, Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers. The siblings interview celebs about their most memorable (so, traumatic?) childhood trips. Fun!

You may also remember Josh from his days on MadTV and his role on the eighth and final season of That ‘70’s Show. Josh played Randy Pearson, a sarcastic straight man who dates Donna (Laura Prepon). He was basically a replacement for Topher Grace, who exited the sitcom at the end of the seventh season. Ashton Kutcher also left That ‘70’s Show four episodes into Season 8. Both actors returned for the series finale, set on New Year’s Eve 1979.

According to Josh, filming the last scene was very difficult for the original cast:

“It was a very hard scene for the cast to get through because they had done this show for so long, and it’s emotional when you get to the end of a show. So we were trying to shoot the scene. People were crying, people were stumbling over lines. We kept having to reset. We kept having to have makeup come out.”

Josh says, after multiple takes, the cast was “finally getting it” together, when Ashton’s then-wife, movie star Demi Moore, interrupted their perfect take by nonchalantly answering a call on her cell phone:

“They had sort of hit a stride, and it was like, ‘This is the shot, this is the take.’ And a phone rang. And Ashton Kutcher was there. And Demi Moore was there. And it was to Demi Moore. And she took the call! And the director was like, ‘What?’ Her phone rang, and she was like, ‘Hello?’And we had to do it again. And it was amazing, it was really amazing. I mean, no disrespect, Demi… but it’s a high-level Hollywood flex to take that call in that situation.”

Ha! I mean, since it’s been revealed that most of the That ‘70’s Show cast suck a big one, that anecdote kinda makes me love Demi even… Moore (I’m sorry).

Another interesting take-away from the podcast is Josh talking about how Seth’s career is a whole lot bigger than his:

“…I’ve sorta been cobbling it together with gigs here and there. And if I said I wasn’t jealous of the consistency and longevity of Seth’s career, I would be lying. But I’m not alone out here trying to find the next thing.”

That’s when Seth cuts in and says, “I have to say, he’s always been incredibly supportive. Best brother in the world!” Awww. Very sweet. If I were Josh, I’d murder Seth, dye my hair a darker brown, take his place at the Late Night desk, and hope nobody noticed the differrence. But, hey. That’s me.

Here’s video of the full podcast. Josh talks about That ‘70’s Show and little brother jealousy at 52:36, filming the final season of the show at 54:50, and the Demi Moore phone interruption at 57:10:


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