Lugerman “Obrez” Mosin Nagant Pistol: Review

Fans of the famous Russion Mosin Nagant rifle will love this unique “sawed off” Mosin Pistol built by LugerMan Custom Manufacturing.

Certain people are bad influences. When I was told of a review-worthy gun, I had a gut feeling it would be both expensive and irresistible. The gun in question is a Mosin variant called the “Obrez” manufactured by the gunsmiths at LugerMan. Before we get into the details of this unique gun, it is worth spending a few sentences on the company that makes it.

LugerMan is a small manufacturer, gunsmithing shop, and retail store in Pennsylvania. It is the brainchild of two brothers who grew up in a place where guns were largely illegal, the Soviet Union. After immigrating to the U.S., they were bitten by the gun bug, and the rest is history. At some point in their journey, they became hooked on the many Luger variants and stumbled onto one of the rarest firearms ever made — the .45 ACP 1907 Luger. Allegedly, only two of these were ever manufactured for the U.S. Army trials. That’s when “LugerMan” was born. Through a clever combination of engineering and reverse engineering, they managed to recreate the .45-caliber Luger and began making them in limited quantities.

What is Obrez?

LugerMan Mosin Pistol Custom

Superb craftsmanship has turned this once crude design into a sleek, unique pistol for modern shooters. (Handguns photo)

The Obrez is not a Luger, but for anyone who grew up in the Soviet Union, it is one of the most iconic firearms ever made. The story of the Obrez is interesting. The direct translation from Russian simply means “chopped off” or “sawed off,” and while it could be a shortened version of any long gun, mostly it was a shortened Mosin Nagant rifle.

The image of the Obrez was so ubiquitous in Soviet cinema that it was expected to make an appearance in any movie related to the Civil War, World War II, or organized crime. The Obrez was be wielded by good or bad guys and would emerge from the most interesting places: beneath trench coats, taped under a table, or carried around in suitcases impossibly small for such a powerful weapon. It was a short-range weapon, usually fired from the hip or pointed at something essentially at arm’s length.

In Russia, the most common long gun after the first World War was the Mosin Nagant. The majority of Mosins ended up in civilian hands after Russia’s defeat and withdrawal from World War I. When the Tsar’s government collapsed, many Russian soldiers simply turned around and went home, usually with their issued Mosin rifles. Many of these were cut down to make them more concealable for defensive purposes at close quarters.

All the chop jobs I have ever seen in the past were decidedly crude weapons. LugerMan’s Obrez is anything but crude. It is beautifully made and finished, with excellent bluing on the metal, a perfectly contoured and finished stock, and a few useful improvements to make it more pleasant to shoot. I was so impressed with it that I went to visit LugerMan at their facility and meet the gunsmith who created my Obrez.

Impeccable Workmanship

LugerMan Mosin Pistol Custom

With rounds impacting sideways, the wounds one would sustain from this Mosin could be quite destructive at close range. (Handguns photo)

His name is Salvatore Cicalese, and I am beyond impressed with the quality of his work. The craftsmanship is superb, especially since Mosins start out as crude guns. To get something of the quality of the Obrez out of the donor rifle, Sal had to work over every possible detail.

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