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That ’90s Show Might Have A Subtle Way Of Keeping Hyde In The Loop Without Mentioning Him

Ashley Aufderheide discussed the fan theory That '90s Show fans seems to talking about, linking two characters together.

For eight seasons, That ’70s Show entertained millions of fans. The show also saw several high profile celebs appear prior to their massive fame

That ’90s Show is off and running, with the first season streaming on Netflix. Fans were delighted to see the former cast reunite during different parts of the show. However, a noticeable character did not appear during season one, and that’s none other than Hyde, played by Danny Masterson.

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In the following, we’re going to reveal how Masterson might be taking part in the show, subtly, according to fan theories. Gwen, who is played by Ashley Aufderheide, was also asked about the said theories, and she has an opinion of her own on the matter.

We’ll reveal how Masterson might still be involved without being mentioned, while also putting the spotlight on Ashley Aufderheide and her time on That ’90s Show thus far.

Danny Masterson Wasn’t Contacted For That ’90s Show But He Was Excited About The Reboot

Danny Masterson, Hyde
The Things

It shouldn’t come as a surprise given the allegations surrounding Danny Masterson, but the actor wasn’t contacted for the That ’70s Show reboot, That ’90s Show.

He was the only member of the main cast not to appear on the series during season 1. Nonetheless, Masterson was excited for the reboot, especially for Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp, who appear in all the episodes. Back when the show was announced, Masterson took to Instagram, congratulating his former castmates.

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“This is literally the dopest thing I’ve heard in a decade. So excited for @therealkurtwoodsmith and @debrajorupp two of the great humans and greatest actors on this planet. Can’t wait to watch and laugh. Same creators / writers / producers as 70s.”

Although Masterson likely won’t appear on the show at any point, fans do believe the show is continuing Hyde’s legacy with a certain character on the show.

The role of Gwen is played by none other than Ashley Aufderheide. According to the actress alongside Style Caster, she instantly hit it off with the rest of cast on-set.

Ashley revealed, “We all clicked right away. Gregg Mettler, the showrunner, asked us if we had met before or if we knew each other because our chemistry was just that strong.”

“We first met over Zoom and then we immediately clicked in person. All of us. Each one of the kids; ate lunch together every single day, we hung out on the weekends, we went to the movies, and we went to one another’s houses. We really just tried to maximize the time we had together.

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In terms of her actually character on the show of Gwen, fans can’t help but relate it to Hyde. That’s especially true visually, given the similarities when look at the heads of hair…Gwen also seems to be a rebel who doesn’t conform to norms and rules… kind of like someone else fans saw on That ’70s Show.

Gwen herself discussed the fan theory, mentioning that she doesn’t know much about it. The actress revealed that it is a possibility, and one that’s entirely up to the writers.

“I have seen those fan theories. I’m not one of the writers. So really, none of it is in my hands. I don’t know if I have any theories myself on it. I feel like that’s more of a question for the writers. But it’s interesting to see what people have to say and the theories they have.”

She continues, “I don’t really have any real reactions. It’s more just reading overall what people think of Gwen and who she is as a person. The people that are connected to her.”

Perhaps we’ll get more clarity in the later seasons.

Ashley Aufderheide Revealed The Motivation Behind Her Gwen Character Is Gwen Stefani

Ashley Aufderheide

Aufderheide learned new information about her character during the series. Among the interesting Easter eggs, included how Gwen’s character is heavily based on Gwen Stefani, who was a major deal during the ’90s.

Aufderheide revealed, “As a character, it’s super central to who she is so I definitely wanted to incorporate that into every scene, whether it was stated explicitly or not,” she says. “I didn’t even know this until we started shooting but apparently Gwen is inspired by Gwen Stefani.”

At the moment, there hasn’t been a formal announcement pertaining to a second season of the show. However, given the excitement from the die hard fans, it seems more than likely that the show will return for another season, and hopefully, many more.

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