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That ’70s Show Outfits That Are Currently Trending

That '70s Show had a lot more than just Jackie Burkhart outfits, all the characters were dressed precisely for the era, and it's back in style today!

Apparently, when comedy and fashion collide, something beautiful is born. At least, that seems to be the case with That ‘70s Show; it was sitcom magic! And right now, everything that was old is new again. From the sixties’ micromini to the eighties chunky jewelry, and, of course, ’90s everything else with a few early aughts thrown in for good measure

What about the ‘70s though? Have we left those out completely? Far from it. Today’s style pulls from such a melting pot of fashion from decades gone by that, whether you realize it or not, we have all dabbled in the ‘70s spirit a little bit. Who can blame us? The cast of That ’70s Show was always dressed to the hilt in the best styles. They really went all out to make us feel like we were part of that era.

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The show’s costume designer, Melina Root, meticulously researched and recreated the fashion trends of the 1970s, from Jackie’s scarves and hats to the flannel and plaids of the rest of the gang. Melina even won a few Emmys for how well she depicted the style. The iconic outfits worn by the characters have become a major part of the show’s legacy and continue to inspire fashion today.

No, it’s not just hip hugging bell bottom jeans and peace signs. The ‘70s gave way to quite a bit of fashion that is on trend today, fifty years later. For all those kids calling their parents ‘Boomers’, they should check their wardrobe first.

Was Donna Fashionable On That ’70s Show?

Bell-Bottom Jeans Brown Leather 70s Clogs Peasant Top in Navy Blue
The Things

Bell-Bottom Jeans

Brown Leather 70s Clogs

Peasant Top in Navy Blue

Bellbottom jeans were much wider on the bottom than what passes for bell bottoms today. They were huge, and they were called hip huggers because the tops of them were so tiny that they hugged the hips like a second set of skin. Today we are getting back into flared and wide leg pants.

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Clogs were the essential footwear of the 1970s; you saw them on the cover of Vogue and on the feet of everyone who was anyone. They are great for year-round wear too; they look cute with shorts, skirts, pants, or maxis.

During the decade of exuberance, the springy peasant top was a mainstay of fashion. And it’s easy to see why; it looks great with maxi skirts, bellbottom jeans, and denim cutoffs because it’s carefree and effortless.

T-strap Wedges

The wedge became popular in the 1970s, along with a plethora of other platform shoe options. A T-strap up top is indicative of the era as well. While Mary Janes were around, the T-strap was really where it was at. And you can see from That ’70s Show and other shows that take place in that time period that burgundy, maroon, and/or red were really popular colors for footwear.

One Of Jackie’s Best Looks On That ’70s ShowDenim Romper or Jean Suit Metallic Platform Heels

Denim Romper or Jean Suit

Metallic Platform Heels

Full denim jumpsuits were huge, as were romper style denim dresses and jean skirts. This denim jumpsuit we have shown is screaming, Buy me! It is so cute, and that style is something that will never fade. It is a total classic and would look chic on everyone!

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Being taller is something that many people desire. For centuries, high heels have done a fantastic job of doing this, but in the 1970s, platforms became widely popular, and women fell in love with a new type of heightened shoe. The style even made a fiery comeback in the 1990s with the rise of the Spice Girls, and platform boots and sandals are making a big comeback right now. A lot of celebrities are wearing the platform sandal trend, and we are loving it!

What Type Of Clothes Are Always In Style?

black canvas shoes  Gray and Red Raglan Led Zeppelin Tee Funny Graphic T-Shirt
The Things

black canvas shoes

Gray and Red Raglan

Led Zeppelin Tee

Funny Graphic T-Shirt

Black Chuck Taylors—when have they not been in style? Enough said.

Raglan tops, sometimes called baseball shirts, made a huge comeback in 2020, and while they have died down a bit now, they are always good for a vintage feel.

Old band tees are always in style too. One big thing to remember, though, is to make sure you know the band you’re representing. If you’re walking around in Def Lepard or Nirvanna and never bothered listening to their music, it’s not right… It’s just not.

A classic, funny graphic t-shirt is always good. In the 1970s, graphic t-shirts became extremely popular as a form of advertising. It was like logos are today. A full menu might be printed on a shirt from your favorite restaurant. People laugh at this today and wear them for chummy banter, but it was the real deal in the era it was made.

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