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Mila Kunis Is Wrong About That ‘90s Show’s Jackie & Fez Twist

Jackie and Fez did end up together in That '70s Show's finale but, despite Mila Kunis's claims, their breakup before That '90s Show makes does sense.

While That ‘90s Show did technically explain what happened to Fez and Jackie’s relationship after That ‘70s Show’s finale, Mila Kunis is still half-right about the timeline not making much sense. Like any sitcom reboot, Netflix’s That ‘90s Show needed to change up some details of That ‘70s Show’s canon. The reboot depicted Kelso and Jackie (re-)married with children, but one star of That ‘70s Show correctly noted that this didn’t quite add up. However, there was a justification for the choice nonetheless.

While it was always clear that Jackie and Hyde’s That ‘70s Show relationship wouldn’t last, their love story still made more sense than Jackie’s eventual relationship with Fez. By the final season of That ‘70s Show, the sitcom had lost a lot of original cast members and was starting to get desperate when it came to outlandish character pairings. As a result, Jackie ended up with Wilmer Valderrama’s kooky exchange student Fez in a relationship that didn’t offer much beyond novelty value. Since That ‘70s Show ended with season 7, this was canonically the relationship that Jackie stayed in after the series finale.

Mila Kunis Is Wrong About Jackie & Fez’s Relationship

Jackie and Fez dancing on That '70s Show

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Kunis pointed out that Jackie and Fez ended up together at the end of That ‘70s Show. However, that is only technically true. Like the revelation of Hyde’s father in That ‘70s Show, this plot was a transparent attempt to boost ratings via a bizarre twist. Jackie and Fez shouldn’t have ended up together as the duo didn’t have any chemistry, nor did they have much in common, and their relationship itself was a pretty blatant case of “pair the spares” after Jackie’s longtime love interest, Kelso, left That ‘70s Show.

The on-again, off-again relationship that Jackie and Kelso shared was more complicated and emotionally fraught than her pairing with Hyde, and certainly more popular with viewers than her time with Fez. As such, although Kunis is technically correct to call out the timeline of That ‘90s Show’s Kelso/Jackie pairing, it still made sense for the reboot to pair off the two characters who had the most romantic history and chemistry together instead of sticking to the finale’s version of events. That said, That ‘90s Show ignored another problem that Kunis pointed out, and this one was more of an issue.

Mila Kunis Is Right About Jackie And Fez’s Timeline

Jackie and Fez in That '70s Show

If Jackie has a 16-year-old child with Kelso in the mid-’90s, but Kelso was married to another woman when That ‘70s Show ended, then something doesn’t add up. Kunis pointed this out in the interview and, unlike That ‘90s Show bringing back Jackie and Kelso’s romance, this plot hole is trickier to excuse. After all, the idea that Kelso and Jackie would make up (and break up, and repeat this cycle ad nauseam) in the intervening years makes sense for their characters. However, the fact that That ‘90s Show gave Jackie and Kelso a child who technically couldn’t exist thanks to That ‘70s Show canon is harder to excuse.

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