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Bobcat Goldthwait Talks Setting Fires, Robin Williams & More on World’s Best Dad Podcast

World's Best Dad Podcast get into some crazy stories with legendary comedian Bobcat Goldthwait.

The World’s Best Dad podcast is back with their second episode. This week, hosts Christian Jacobs and Jimmy Arrighi return in the bus, where they get into some crazy stories with legendary filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait. The comedian gets into the time he set The Tonight Show‘s couch on fire, which earned him quite a bit of free publicity. Well, it wasn’t exactly free. He was fined nearly $3,000 and had to do some PSAs too. Luckily, he was never really barred from the show, despite rumors he was banned for life.

In addition to the infamous Tonight Show fires, Bobcat Goldthwait talks about growing up and learning humor from his dad, touring and opening up for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana (on what would become the band’s last shows in the United States), his best pal Robin Williams, being a dad and much more. Goldthwait even talks about how much Martin Scorsese enjoyed Shakes the Clown, the comedian’s movie from 1991. The comedy was Goldthwait’s bitter satire of the dysfunctional standup comedy circuit he knew as a performer, and Scorsese reportedly loved every minute of it. Robin Williams even has a small part in the movie as Mime Jerry, who was credited under the name Marty Fromage.

Christian Jacobs and Jimmy Arrighi have known each other since they were kids – just young, wide-eyed skater punks in Southern California’s Orange County pulling pranks and raising all heck. Christian was a child actor, appearing in Gleaming the Cube and episodes of Married With Children, to name a few, before going on to form The Aquabats and the legendary kids’ TV show Yo Gabba Gabba! Jimmy helped found one of the world’s premiere surf clothing companies, RVCA. These days they’re tending to little punks of their own, but how can you raise kids when you still feel like one yourself? That’s what the heart of the World’s Best Dad podcast is all about. So far, it seems like the former young punks are doing okay with the whole being a dad thing.

On World’s Best Dad, Christian and Jimmy dive into fatherhood, the struggles of trying to be a cool dad and the joys that come with making miniature copies of yourself. They’ll chat it up with famous dads and parents to work out some feelings, reminisce and craft a hefty helping of eye-rolling dad jokes. Join them each week in their mobile podcast studio – a school-bus-turned-dad-cave filled to the brim with the guys’ vintage toy and skateboard collection! You never know who’ll hop on the bus!

Actually, we do know who’s hopping in the bus… next up is DEVO’s front man and Hollywood’s favorite movie soundtrack producer, Mark Mothersbaugh. Followed by Napoleon Dynamite‘s, Jon Heder. Then listen in on legendary Fear front man and actor, Lee Ving. In other words, there’s plenty to look forward to with the World’s Best Dad podcast. You can check out the first two episodes above, thanks to the World’s Best Dad podcast YouTube channel.

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