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Only Fools and Horses star Sue Holderness’ net worth, EastEnders role and on-set incident with charging bull

Sue and her onscreen husband, John Challis, grew very close during the years they starred together

Only Fools and Horses’ cast have gone in all directions since the show aired. Some have gone on to live normal lives while others have used the popularity of the show as a springboard to further their acting careers.

Many including Sue Holderness have become some of TV’s most recognisable faces. She played fan favourite character Boycie’s wife Marlene in the icon sitcom and reprised her role in Only Fools spinoff The Green Green Grass.

Sue was reportedly very close to her co-star Boycie actor John Challis, even sharing the biggest filming disaster of her career with him on the set of Green Green Grass. She spoke about their wacky experience with a bull during the filming of the show in an interview with Gold UK.

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"I will miss you every day": Boycie and Marlene in Only Fools and Horses
Boycie and Marlene in Only Fools and Horses (Image: BBC)

When she was asked about what the most memorable filming disaster she ever had was, she said: “In the last series of Green Green Grass we filmed a scene in a field with a bull that Boycie had just bought. In the script, the bull was supposed to charge at us and we’d run and climb the gate.

“However the bull charged at us long before the camera was ready and we had to leap out of the way like three-year-olds! By the time we came round to filming, the poor bull was exhausted!”

The on-screen couple shared a close relationship of it as well with the pair going on holidays together when not acting. The death of John hit Sue hard with the actress saying back in January that she hadn’t started grieving for him because she still couldn’t believe he was gone.

Speaking of his passing on The One Show Sue said: “Double acts you often hear hate each other, John and I became very good friends right from the very beginning.

“His wife and my husband, the four of us would go on holiday together, we saw each other regularly, I still speak to Carol every day.”

The actor was tracked down by a Serbian film crew
John and Sue were very close (Image: Jon Furniss/WireImage)

Sue says she was finding it hard to grieve her friend adding: “It’s very difficult for me to say that I have really gone through the grieving process because I haven’t, I still don’t believe he is gone.

“He feels very much that he is still with us and of course he will be with us, he will be in our lives forever because of the wonderful Boycie that he created.”

The 73-year-old hasn’t let the blow slow her down, with the actress still making regular TV and stage appearances. She has become well known for her love of pantomime and often plays the villain in festive productions.

This year she is the evil stepmother in a panto at the Beck Theatre in Hayes. Despite being widely recognised for her roles in Only Fools and panto soap fans might also remember her from a surprise appearance on EastEnders recently.

Sue as Estelle in EastEnders (Image: BBC)

In 2021, she appeared on the show for 4 episodes as Estelle Jones a theatre agent that ends up going on a couple of dates with Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick). Although she was only on the show briefly Only Fools and EastEnders fans must have been elated with the cameo.

If you want to catch Sue performing in the panto this Christmas You find tickets for the Beck Theatre’s production of Cinderella on its website.

Sue also boasts a reported net worth of nearly a £1,000,000 – though this is unconfirmed. Del Boy would be proud!

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