John Wayne

True Grit star John Wayne was so infuriated by Robert Duvall he threatened to punch him

John Wayne was known for having a furious temper, once exploding at a photographer on set for snapping him using his secret oxygen mask for his ailments. Duke's short fuse met Robert Duvall's on the True Grit set.

True Grit was a godsend for John Wayne, who lobbied for the lead role of one-eyed US Marshal Rooster Cogburn after reading Charles Portis’ novel of the same name. Duke would go on to finally win the Best Actor Oscar for the part in 1969, but production was far from easy for him. Despite being a huge star, he was not in control of casting. Famously Elvis Presley couldn’t be secured for the supporting role of the Texan La Boeuf, as the singer’s manager Colonel Tom Parker demanded top billing above Wayne himself. Meanwhile, there would be another actor who ended up leaving the Western legend fuming once the shoot had begun.

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