Only Fools and Horses

David Jason: ‘I miss Only Fools and Horses terribly’

The actor also revealed he had drifted apart from co-star and on-screen brother Nicholas Lyndhurst.

Only Fools and Horses has firmly remained one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, despite first airing more than 41 years ago.

But it appears it hasn’t only left an indelible mark on its fans. Star David Jason, who played market trader and petty criminal Del Boy, loves it just as much.

During a chat in this week’s issue of Radio Times magazine, the actor revealed he ‘misses’ the series and said that working on it didn’t actually feel like work.

“I miss it terribly. It wasn’t like going to work; it was going to have some fun with your mates. We loved each other.”

Jason did go on to say that his friendship with co-star Nicholas Lyndhurst, who played Del Boy’s brother Rodney, has changed over the years.

“He’s much more – how can I say? – self-contained, perhaps, than he used to be. So, unfortunately, we don’t see each other as much as I would like to. But that’s how things work out sometimes,” he said.

Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason in Only Fools and Horses
Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason in Only Fools and Horses. BBC/BritBox

Jason also revealed he still has Del’s oxblood leather bomber, and “brings Derek Trotter back to life” when he pairs it with a red pullover and tweed flat cap – but that’s not the only way he gets back into character.

He said: “I do morph into Del sometimes to make people laugh. I enjoy it. I realise it’s a pretty low shot, but it makes life easier for me on occasion. When I meet people sometimes, they’re a bit stiff and awkward to get on with!”

You can read the full interview in this week’s issue of Radio Times magazine, on sale now.


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