John Wayne

John Wayne hated classic Clint Eastwood Western so much he rudely refused to work with him

The Duke didn't mince his words and sent Eastwood a letter rejecting his "piece of sh** film. But he did also admit that turning down another action role that had made Eastwood a star was a "big mistake."

High Plains Drifter, which is back on TV later tonight, was the first Western film Eastwood both starred in and directed. It firmly established him as a bold filmmaker who could unusually appeal to every audience from art house to conservative middle America. Everyone, that is apart from The Duke. Wayne was a famously very loud and proud bastion of the most conservative views within society and within his own beloved Westerns. Eastwood once revealed the blunt letter he received from his fellow star, while Wayne’s own son described his father’s brutal rejection of an overture from the actor and director.

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