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‘Gilligan’s Island’: Dawn Wells Revealed She Asked Robin Williams About ‘Ginger or Mary Ann’

If you ask any fan of Gilligan’s Island, you would know that there was always a little bit of a rivalry on the show when it came to “Ginger or Mary Ann.”

Dawn Wells, the actress who played Mary Ann Summers in the CBS sitcom, would tell you just that. She even owned a shirt that read: “Ginger or Mary Ann, the ultimate dilemma.”

And even though she embraced the light-hearted rivalry, she once said that when it came down to it, she “always wins.”

‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Interviews with The Mule

In a 2014 telephone interview with The Mule, Dawn Wells talked about some of the interactions she had with fans that surprised her in some way.

“Well, I tend to get a lot of the same reactions,” Wells explained. “Some 45-year-old guy will come up, and he’ll bring his 10-year-old daughter. And he wants her to listen to Mary Ann, I think. And they’re not gonna be embarrassed by what I would do. I’m not bra-less, wearing a low-cut gown. So I think they have this trust in what I would say.”

She goes on to say that not only has she been proposed to more than once, but she have a cool conversation with fellow actor Nick Nolte.

“I mean, I’ve had proposals. Uh, well I did have a cute little thing happen with Nick Nolte,” Wells admits. “I was doing a show for Australia called ‘The Castaway Correspondent.’ I was interviewing all the people in the movies and everything. But Nick Nolte said, ‘Oh my gosh, you got me through puberty in the nicest of ways!’”

The Late Robin Williams Liked Ginger Better Than Mary Ann

However, there was at least one famous comedian and actor who evidently preferred Ginger to Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island. Wells revealed so herself during her interview with The Mule.

“And the only person who told me they liked Ginger better than Mary Ann was Robin Williams,” she laughed. 

The Gilligan’s Island star was probably shocked to hear that, but according to her, she would still have the most votes in the end.

“You can go anywhere and say ‘Ginger or Mary Ann?’” Wells told the Vancouver Sun in 2014. “You don’t have to say what show it is. Everybody gets it. And I always win.”

Sadly, Wells passed away in December of 2020 to causes related to COVID-19. She was 82.

Want more on Dawn Wells and the rest of the Gilligan’s Island crew and cast members? Then you’re in luck. Keep reading right here on Outsider.

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