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Clint Eastwood on Elvis Presley: ‘He Used To Come Over and Do Fast Draws’

As one of the biggest stars to ever grace a movie set, Clint Eastwood has been there and done that and even has a new project in the works.

Now 90-years-old, Eastwood has a career spanning nearly seven decades and a Hollywood resume that is second to none. As a premier actor and Hollywood A-lister, the “Dirty Harry” actor has made his fair share of famous friends.

One of those famous friends is none other than the “King of Rock n Roll” Elvis Presley. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Eastwood recalls how he met the legendary entertainer.

Eastwood says he met the King while filming on the set of his western series “Rawhide.” He says Presley was in the next over studio and would occasionally pop over and say hello. The two became acquainted when Presley would visit the set to show off his skills. He also says his acting career has allowed him to met fellow entertainers in the music industry.

“I knew Elvis,” Eastwood says of his encounters with the “Blue Suede Shoes” singer. “Back during the days of doing Rawhide we worked on the next stage over from one another. He used to come over and do fast draws and stuff like that. And later on, I’ve run into people like Bon Jovi who tell me they’ve followed my stuff.”

Clint Eastwood Has New Movie in Store for 2021

Eastwood is one of the most acclaimed actors of this generation with a lengthy list of accolades and accomplishments. He owns four Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, three Cesar Awards and a Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute.

Eastwood has a new project expecting to drop sometime in 2021. “Cry Macho” is an upcoming American neo-Western drama directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. He also stars in the film as lead character Miko, a former rodeo star and horse breeder with a new job. Miko is charged with finding and bringing home a young boy from his alcoholic mother. On their way, Eastwood’s character finds redemption through teaching the young boy what it means to be a man.

Producing the film is Eastwood’s company Malpaso Productions. It expects to hit screens later this year.

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