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That 70’s Show Cast, Then & Now (In Pictures)

We all loved sitting with the gang in Eric's basement and relating to the misadventures and experiences of high school students.

This iconic sitcom was our favorite 2000s show to relive, or get insight into, the decade of the ’70s. We all loved sitting with the gang in Eric’s basement and relating to the misadventures and experiences of high school students. Of course, this young cast has become pretty legendary after their breakout roles in this television series.

We know that some of them might even still be your favorite celeb, but they’re actually all still kicking in the entertainment industry. This series came to an end in 2006, so it’s been quite a while for these actors to grow. Here is the cast of That ’70s Show, then and now.

10Laura Prepon (Donna Pinciotti)

Laura Prepon is an absolute bombshell. We know she switched hair colors on the series way back when, but we’re ultimately digging this dark hair on this stunning and talented woman. While we’ll always love her as Donna, she’s been in many other projects.

Her main claim to fame is likely her role as Alex Vause in the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, which is a starring role alongside Taylor Schilling. Of course, we can’t wait to see what else this woman offers, because we know her career is far from over. She’s also now married, and has one little munchkin to raise.

9Wilmer Valderrama (Fez)

This man definitely had a glow-up since his time on the series as the awkward and hilarious Fez. However, since the show, he’s actually starred on multiple television series, including NCIS and From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

Of course, you can also find him appearing in a handful of episodes with Ashton Kutcher on his Netflix Original. In case you’re in for some gossip, this handsome man is also currently engaged to the wonderful and beautiful, Amanda Pacheco.

8Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty Forman)

Honestly, Debra Jo Rupp hasn’t aged a day. Of course, she’d still be stunning, but she still has that incredible vibe of the fun and loving Kitty Forman. This woman’s fame is certainly not reliant on this incredible role. With tons of projects before and after this series, she’s definitely made a name for herself.

Acting in mainly television, she has taken on some movie roles, too. Of course, you can catch her as Abby’s mom alongside Ashton Kutcher (and some of the rest of this cast!) on The Ranch, where her character is an equally hilarious and eccentric mother.

7Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso)

Ashton Kutcher is certainly one of the most handsome men alive, and we would never have expected such an incredible and mature man to come out of Michael Kelso’s character. Ashton took over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, and he also stars in and produces the Netflix Original, The Ranch, which just premiered its final season.

In fact, he enlists many of his co-stars from this series to play some of the characters, so we definitely suggest tuning in. Ashton is a pretty well-known actor, but he’s also a producer, entrepreneur, and activist. This show definitely paved his way to fame.

6Tanya Roberts (Midge Pinciotti)

Tanya Roberts is always beautiful, and she also looks the same as she did all those years ago. This woman also didn’t get her start on this series. In fact, this show was actually one of the last projects she’s worked on.

She had her fun acting, and her iconic role as Midge Pinciotti was the last main character she played. Still, this woman is looking fantastic, and she’s living out her life in California.

5Danny Masterson (Steven Hyde)

Hyde might just have been your favorite character on the show, and he actually looks pretty familiar as this lovable character. Of course, he’s definitely older, and has become even more handsome – probably because he’s grown into his sideburns.

Danny Masterson will always be known as Hyde, but he’s definitely had a career since the show. In fact, he was Ashton’s brother and main co-star on the Netflix show, The Ranch, until 2018 when he left the series.

4Kurtwood Smith (Red Forman)

This legendary father character is still kicking it, and Kurtwood Smith is definitely still recognizable as Red Forman. This actor definitely didn’t get his start, or his end, on this television series. Since the show, he’s had a recurring role on several series and even acted in some movies.

Of course, he also has a role with Ashton Kutcher on The Ranch, where he played Sam Peterson for six episodes. This man has quite the career, and it’s certainly not over yet.

3Mila Kunis (Jackie Burkhart)

It’s no secret that Mila Kunis is absolutely beautiful. She’s stunning, she’s a mom, and she’s still slaying the acting game. Of course, she’s actually now married to her television boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher. However, she’s a bombshell on her own, and is still pretty active in Hollywood. She’s definitely moved over to the big screen, though.

This show definitely gave her a claim to fame, but she’s utilizing it to be an incredible role model for all women, all while blowing away motherhood and her acting career.

2Don Stark (Bob Pinciotti)

Don Stark stole all of our hearts as the eccentric Bob Pinciotti, but he’s definitely mellowed out since that iconic afro. This man has a stellar career, and actually has over 140 acting credits in television and film to show for it.

Most recently, he had a recurring role in the television series Hit the Floor, but he’s also been involved in quite a few Hollywood projects. This man has a heart of gold, and his career certainly didn’t start and end with his role as Bob Pinciotti.

1Topher Grace (Eric Forman)

Topher Grace played our leading man on this series, and he’s definitely no longer the scrawny and awkward kid in his basement. You’ll remember that this actor ditched the last season of the series to work on his movie career.

Obviously, he has appeared in quite a few movies, but this man’s claim to fame will likely always be as Eric Forman. However, you can certainly hit up his IMDb roster and binge some of his most recent flicks.

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