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20 Secrets The Cast Of That ’70s Show Wants To Keep On The DL

Certain secrets from That '70s Show have been swept under the rug for long enough!

That ‘70s show was a major hit from the late 90s to the early 2000s. The first episode aired on August 23, 1998, and the final episode aired on May 18, 2006. The show had eight seasons total which says a lot. Only super successful and popular shows make it that far!

Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Topher Grace, and Wilmer Valderrama were the main actors and actresses in the show. Some of them were great friends in real life and some of them didn’t really get along very well. Two of them didn’t get along at first, and then ended up falling in love with each other! Some of cast decided to part ways with the show before the final seasons were filmed, while other members of the cast were written off of the show for tragic matters occurring in their personal lives. Find out about all of the secrets that the cast would rather keep on the DL.

20The Show Was Almost Called ‘Teenage Wasteland’

Interestingly enough, our favorite show about teenagers growing up in the 70s was almost called “Teenage Wasteland” instead! The reason why this show title didn’t stick is that a song existed with the name included already. That definitely would’ve been a cool title for the show though!

19The Smoke Clouds Were Fake And Strawberry Scented

The famous scenes in Eric Foreman’s basement where the group sits in a circle and partakes in illegal drug use are all obviously staged! No real drugs were used during the filming of the show… And in fact, the smoke clouds we can visibly see were actually strawberry scented!

18Mila Kunis Lied About Being 18… She Was Really 14

In order to snag her job on That ’70s Show, Mila Kunis had to fudge the numbers a little bit when it came to her age. She told TV producers that she was 18 years old when in reality, she was only 14! Luckily for her, she looked older than she really was and she was able to pass for 18.

17Chuck Norris Almost Played The Father, Red Forman

Can you imagine Chuck Norris playing the role of Red Foreman? Well, it was almost a reality! Chuck Norris was almost cast as the dad of the show and if he had been cast as the dad, it would have made the show look a whole lot different than the way we know it now!

16Ashton Kutcher Was Mila Kunis’ First Kiss… Ever

While filming an episode of That ’70s Show, Mila Kunis received her very first kiss ever! Her very first kiss ever came from Ashton Kutcher who played her onscreen boyfriend for the show. In real life today, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are married! What an adorable love story for them to be able to tell.

15Wilmer Valderrama Bragged About Sleeping With Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, And Mandy Moore

Wilmer Valderrama created a bad reputation for himself in Hollywood by bragging about sleeping with a long list of Hollywood starlets. He even included gross details about each one. He compared his experience with Mandy Moore as being “like warm apple pie” and he called Ashlee Simpson a “screamer”.

14At First, Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Didn’t Get Along At All

Who could’ve ever guessed that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, at one point in time, did not get along? Even though they are now happily married today with a family of their own, they really didn’t like each other when they first started filming the show. Over time, they grew to understand each other better and eventually, they fell in love.

13Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hated Kissing Topher Grace

Joseph Gordon-Levitt told The Advocate that Topher Grace was “probably one of the worst kissers [he’s] ever kissed.” Hearing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s opinion about the kiss probably wasn’t the best news for Topher Grace to learn about down the line! But who cares– their kiss was meant to be an uncomfortable one anyway.

12Lisa Robin Kelly Was Written Off The Show Due To Her Alcoholism

Lisa Robin Kelly was written out the show and fans were extremely devastated by it! She was a fan favorite, playing the role of Eric Foreman’s older and very sassy sister. The show’s producers could not handle the fact that she was bringing negative energy from her alcoholism onto the set of the show. Sadly, she has now passed away from a drug overdose.

11Danny Masterson Was Recently Accused Of Sexual Misconduct And Written Off The Ranch

After That ’70s Show came to an end, Danny Masterson started filming a Netflix original series called The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher. During his time filming The Ranch, sexual misconduct accusations were placed against him by several different women. He was written off The Ranch.

10Laura Prepon Went Blonde For A Movie Role And They Wrote It Into The Script For Donna

Laura Prepon is a natural redhead and her red hair is absolutely gorgeous and stunning on her! She plays the character of Donna Pinciotti on the show. For the final two seasons of the show, she dyed her hair blonde for a film called Karla that was released in 2006. She rocks blonde hair and red hair.

9Tanya Roberts Was Written Off The Show Because Her Husband Was Terminally Ill

Tonya Roberts is the actress who played the role of Donna Pinciotti’s mother. She was a ditzy blonde who always had the best intentions in mind. Her character was really fun and silly so it was sad to see her leave the show. She had to leave the show after her husband became terminally ill.

8Mila Kunis Was Sued For Stealing A Chicken

Mila Kunis denies it, but a singer named Kristina Karo accused her of stealing a chicken when they grew up together in Ukraine! Kristina came to LA and saw Mila Kunis thriving successfully on That ‘70s Show and decided to pursue a lawsuit. Mila Kunis responded as if the entire thing was just a joke.

7Laura Prepon And Danny Masterson Both Got Involved With Scientology

Nowadays with modern technology and the rise of social media, it is obvious to the world what Scientology is and what the church itself stands for. Laura Prepon and Danny Masterson have both been involved with the group. They have both been quoted supporting Scientologist beliefs.

6Mila Kunis And Laura Prepon’s Height Difference Made Filming The Show More Difficult

Mila Kunis stands at about 5’4” while Laura Prepon stands at about 5’10”! Their height difference made filming the show a bit tricky because whenever they needed to stand next to each other, it looked a bit peculiar. They had to film the show in creative ways to hide the height difference.

5Fans Weren’t Impressed When Christina Moore Took Over As Laurie

When actress Christina Moore took over as Laurie Forman, fans simply were not impressed. Everybody missed the original actress who played the role— Lisa Robin Kelly. Christina Moore did the best she could to replace Lisa Robin Kelly, but it never really matched up.

4Eric And Kelso Left The Show For Bigger Hollywood Roles

Eric Foreman played by Topher Grace, and Michael Kelso played by Ashton Kutcher both left That ’70s Show during the final seasons to take on bigger and more serious Hollywood roles. Both of them ended up getting what they wanted on the silver screen.

3Tommy Chong Served Jail Time For Selling Drug Paraphernalia

Tommy Chong is the hilarious actor who played the role of Leo on the show! He disappeared for a couple of seasons during the show and fans were really disappointed about it. Tommy Chong was serving jail time for the sale of drug paraphernalia. Fans missed him while he was gone.

2Alex Chilton Was Cheated Out Of Fair Royalties For Writing The Show’s Theme Song

Alex Chilton confirmed with Rolling Stone Magazine that he receives $70 in royalties every time that the show theme song is aired on television. If you ask us, he is owed way more money than that! The theme song is so catchy and just about everybody who hears it automatically loves it.

1Josh Meyers Was Originally Supposed To Be The New Eric Foreman

Josh Meyers was hired onto the show to play the role of Randy Pearson on the final two seasons. Originally, he was going to completely replace Eric Foreman but the producers of the show decided to steer in a different direction with him and create an entirely new boyfriend for the character of Donna.

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