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Scott Eastwood’s Net Worth And 9 Other Facts About Clint Eastwood’s Son

Many assume that Scott has led a privileged life, due to the fact that his father is Clint Eastwood, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Clint Eastwood has eight children from six different women, and Scott Eastwood is one of his sons. Those who are already familiar with Scott Eastwood are aware of the fact that he has a wildly successful career as a Hollywood actor, as well as a lucrative modeling contract.

Scott Eastwood has starred in a variety of blockbuster movies and continues to reach new heights with his career. Many assume that Scott has led a privileged life, due to the fact that his father is one of Hollywood’s most highly esteemed actors of all time, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rotten Tomatoes reports that there are many interesting layers to the life of Scott Eastwood that will truly shock his fans…

10 He Has An Impressive Net Worth

Scott Eastwood has been working at climbing the ladder in the world of acting for a very long time. He did not gain instant fame or have access to roles as a result of his father’s clout in the industry. People reports that he worked diligently with ferocious tenacity in order to fight for the roles that he clinched. As a result, he has starred in a number of blockbuster movies and has amassed a $10 million net worth.

He Was Raised By His Mother In Hawaii

Scott spent most of his life with his mother, in Hawaii, and had limited exposure to his father when he was growing up. He lived a wonderful life, and his mother doted on him at every opportunity.

When he became a teenager, Scott was a bit troublesome at home and he made the decision to stay with his father in California, but he still calls Hawaii “home.”

Clint Eastwood Never Gave Him A Cent

The fact that Clint Eastwood did not financially support his children is a shocking truth that most fans would have never expected to hear. Clint Eastwood’s current net worth sits at $375 million, and most people assumed that his children would be living in the lap of luxury.

Scott has told his fans and followers that this was not at all how things unraveled in his personal life at home. In fact, Clint Eastwood was so focused on his career that he was rarely present, and he refused to financially assist Scott. Every one of his $10 million has been a direct result of Scott’s own dedication and hard work.

He Kept His Fathers’ Identity Secret During Auditions

Many people were screaming “nepotism” when Clint Eastwood’s son started to clinch Hollywood acting roles, however Scott truly attained this success all by himself. In fact, he kept his father’s identity a secret for months and didn’t tell anyone who his famous father was. Until fairly recently, he was known as Scott Reeves – taking on his mother’s name.

Scott’s roles have not been a result of Clint Eastwood’s success in any way. He was already successful in his own right before he assumed the last name of “Eastwood” in 2008.

He Worked Odd Jobs To Make Ends Meet

Further depicting the degree to which Clint Eastwood refused to give money to his own son, Scott informed fans that in 2015 he really needed extra cash, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He started working odd jobs in order to assist with the bills, including parking cars and trying his luck as a construction worker.

Raised with proper values, Scott was not fussy about what he needed to do to get his finances in order, and he always made sure to demonstrate good behavior during tough moments.

His Relationship With His Dad Was Mended Later In Life

It was difficult for Scott to bond with Clint as a young child, as his father was really nowhere to be found during the moments that Scott needed him the most. Clint Eastwood was too busy working on growing his career in Hollywood and was notably absent from his duties as a father.

When Scott was a teenager, his mother was having a difficult time establishing common ground with her rebellious son, and Scott went to California to try his luck in bonding with his dad. It took the two a bit of time, but Scott and Clint really did become closer to one another later on in life.

He Starred In A Taylor Swift Video

Before Scott became well versed in the world of movies, he ventured into the world of modeling and saw huge success. His modeling exposure took him one step further and landed him a job in a video that most people will recognize. He played the male role in Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” music video, and fans responded favorably right from the beginning.

He Auditioned For Many Of His Father’s Movies

To further the point that Scott was never handed roles simple due to the fact that his father was the legendary Clint Eastwood, fans will be surprised to learn that he has had to audition to get acting roles in his father’s movies. When he auditioned for American Sniper, he was even turned down

He did, however, clinch roles in Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino and Invictus. Scott also landed a part in the Suicide Squad and the Fate Of The Furious, to name a few.

His Ex-Girlfriend Died Tragically

One of the most traumatizing things that has happened to Scott was losing his ex-girlfriend in a horrifying car crash.

Her name was Jewel Brangman, and she was killed on September 24, 2014 after being in a relatively minor car accident. She had a faulty airbag which exploded and ultimately led to her untimely and very tragic death. Scott has admitted to having a very difficult time dating anyone for a while after living through this ordeal.

He Hates Fame

Scott Eastwood truly loves acting in movies, but that does not mean that he likes fame. In actuality, he despises it.

Scott is not a fan of fake lifestyles and people constantly trying to impress one another. He could do without fame and the hustle and bustle of the paparazzi. He moved to San Diego to avoid the chaos and is enjoying living a very low-key lifestyle.

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