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‘That ’70s Show’ Original Cast’s Return to Netflix Spinoff Can Help Solve the Show’s Biggest Mysteries

It’s official! Most of the original cast from the hit series That ’70s Show will be returning to their iconic roles in the new series, Netflix’s That ’90s Show. Fans know well that this new series has been in the works for quite some time. And, the news also marks the exciting return of some of our favorite ‘70s Show characters such as Kelso (Ashton Kutcher); Eric Forman (Topher Grace); Jackie (Mila Kunis); Donna (Laura Prepon); and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) to the television screen. Furthermore, along with the long-awaited return of these characters, fans of the soon-to-be streaming series will likely be getting an answer to some of the biggest character mysteries born from That ’70s Show.

That ’90s Show Will Likely Solve Some Major Unanswered That ’70s Show Mysteries

One of the most charming elements of That ’70s Show, which premiered in the late 1990s, is that the series was heavy on returning storylines and running gags.

One of these plot points is the mystery of the vanishing sisters. Both Eric Forman and Donna had sisters at points in the original series. However, both disappeared at various times with little to no explanation. Maybe the updated series will offer answers?

Another long-running That ’70s Show is one that carried on throughout the entire series – often teasing audiences with “almost” answers. What is this long-held mystery? Just what, exactly is Fez’s full name? And, from what country does the foreign exchange student hail?

Will That ’90s Show Answer Some Burning Questions?

It’s a question that has kept fans wondering since the premiere episode of the popular sitcom series; where on earth, is Fez originally from? Or, more importantly, what is his real name? Throughout the successful run of the original series, fans were regularly teased with the idea we may finally learn this important information.

However, whenever Fez’s name or country of origin was uttered in an episode the revelation is inaudible. During a flashback episode, when the foreign exchange student (a term which is said to be the source of Fez’s nickname) introduces himself to the gang. However, this is entirely covered up by the class bell that rings at a well-timed…but very inopportune, moment.

When the show’s series finale premiered in 2006 many were hoping that the answers to mysteries such as this would finally be revealed. However, there would be no such luck and the series ended without any clear answers.

Sure, this is one of the long-running gags in That ’70s Show. And fans of the series know that the showrunners are dedicated to keeping up with gags such as this one. However, many viewers are hoping that the new series will develop its own set of series-long gags…and give us the answer for which we have all been waiting!

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