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Only Fools and Horses: The pubs 120 miles from London that doubled as the Nag’s Head

They're a long way from Peckham!

Within a show as famous as Only Fools and Horses there are several legendary locations that fans of the show will always dream of visiting themselves.

Sometimes this is impossible because scenes have been shot on a set that simply doesn’t exist in the real world, but for Only Fools fans, it’s not that the locations don’t exist, just that they’re a long way from Peckham.

One place in particular that is the home of a number of iconic Only Fools and Horses scenes is the famous Nag’s Head pub, with its reputation of watered down beers.

We get scenes from inside the Nag’s Head in pretty much every single episode of Only Fools with Del, Rodney, Trigger and many others chatting over a drink.

But most of these scenes actually occur over 120 miles away from Peckham in the middle of Bristol in the south-west.

The White Horse in Bedminster, which is now closed, the Bristol Flyer on Gloucester Road, and the Waggon and Horses in Easton were all used as filming locations in for the Nag’s Head in Bristol.

The White Horse appeared in ‘Chance of a Lunchtime’ in 1991 in the scene where Cassandra sees Rodney ‘struggling’ with Del’s old flame Trudy outside the pub.

The now closed White Horse in Bristol, one of the filming locations for the Nag's Head
The now closed White Horse in Bristol, one of the filming locations for the Nag’s Head (Image: Rick Weston)

The Bristol Flyer and the Waggon and Horses both featured in the season five episode ‘Dates’, where Del sees Trigger crossing the road with a date.

Only the Bristol Flyer of these three is still open, so if you fancy a drink or a bite in the real Nag’s Head, that’s where you’ll have to head.

Bristol is also home to a number of other iconic Only Fools filming spots including the unforgettably named Nelson Mandela House, the tower block in which Del Rodney and Grandad live.

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