Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools and Horses quiz: How well can you remember the Mother Nature’s Son episode?

In a quest to make their fortune, the Trotter family set out on a new business venture – illegally selling water.

Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter (David Jason) enlists trusty brother Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) and Uncle Albert (Buster Merryfield) to help fabricate a mysterious water source that they bottle up and sell to the general public.

The only problem is, the ‘pure’ water is actually from a tap.

Making a lot of cash within weeks, their dodgy business means a weekend away down by the coast before the supply is cut short.

In the meantime, Trigger (Roger Lloyd Pack) and Denzil (Paul Barber) have managed to contaminate the whole of Peckham’s water supply with an unknown chemical after clearing out Del’s new allotment.

The Mother Nature’s Son episode of Only Fools and Horses was originally broadcast on the BBC back in December 1992.

So how much can you recall of the Christmas special?

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