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10 Funniest ‘That ’70s Show’ Characters, Ranked

"Well, damn, Jackie. I don't control the weather!"

That ’70s Show is one of the most popular sitcoms to ever air on broadcast television. Part of that was the clever writing and the fun ’70s setting, but what really sets this show apart from others is the characters, and the actors that portray them.

A lot of sitcoms rely heavily on the actors to deliver laughs, as the written humor can be considered “elementary” in order to comply with television broadcasting requirements, and that’s exactly where ‘That ’70s Show’ shines. The writing in the show, while enjoyable, isn’t much different from any other well-known sitcom. The comedic acting though, is really what makes the show special.

10. Bob And Midge Pinciotti

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Of all the characters in the show, Bob (Don Stark) is easily the easiest to make fun of. Cringe worthy as he may be though, he does have some genuinely funny moments. As for Midge, her role is as the dumb blonde, an overused and outdated stereotype, but Tanya Roberts charming performance ensured Midge was an integral part of the show, and it was sad to see her go.

Running solo, neither of them have much to offer, but Bob and Midge together make a pretty hilarious duo. As the classic ’70s stoner, hippie neighbors they counteract Red and Kitty’s 1950s nuclear family very well. All in all, this duo is at their funniest when they are just that, a duo.

9. Donna Pinciotti

The Pinciotti’s are well-loved, despite their offbeat humor, and Donna (Laura Prepon) is a fan-favorite of the show. An intelligent and down-to-earth feminist, Donna is the brain of the group and by far the most rational. She’s an awesome character and the show wouldn’t be the same without her.

That being said, Donna doesn’t actually have that many jokes. Since her character is the smartest and sanest of the teenage leads, she doesn’t have nearly as many on-screen shenanigans as Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) or Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), and most of her dialogue is used as a vehicle in which to ground the more irrational and erratic of the group. Every sitcom needs a sane center, after all.

8. Red Forman

Red (Kurtwood Smith), being the strict patriarch of the Forman family, is by far the grumpiest character on the show. His views on sex, marriage, gender roles, and drugs are very much stuck in the ’50s, which causes some friction between his son and him, but that friction creates some great comedic moments.

Red’s rigid personality is performed perfectly by Kurtwood Smith and his and Eric’s (Topher Grace) interactions are absolutely hysterical. Red may have the least comedic personality, but his grumpiness is a long-running gag that is vital to the show, and he offsets Kitty’s (Debra Jo Rupp) warm, motherly nature wonderfully.

7. Steven Hyde

Like Donna, Hyde (Danny Masterson) is much more rational, but he still takes part in many sitcom-style shenanigans. Hyde’s character is a blast, and his one-liners are legendary, especially in the infamous circle.

Hyde is mature and intelligent, and most of his humor comes in the form of cool-headed cynicism. Offset by Eric’s trademark neuroses, Fez’s hopeless romanticism, and Kelso’s space-cadet personality, Hyde is the quintessential ’70s cool guy. Being the man that brings the flower into the group, none of the best circle moments could have happened without him, and that would be a true tragedy.

6. Fez

Fez is one of the most famous characters on the show, and for good reason, as Wilmer Valderrama’s comedic acting is absolutely brilliant. Fez is a very flamboyant character, and Valderrama understood the assignment with his hilarious body movements and ingenious dialogue delivery.

Some of Fez’s jokes tend to fall flat, but that’s commonplace with any family-friendly sitcom. For the most part, Fez is a hilarious character, and his interactions with Kelso are especially glorious.

5. Laurie Forman

‘That ’70s Show’, being made in the ’90s, has some problematic elements. One of them being that the oldest Forman child, Laurie (Lisa Robin Kelly), is constantly slut-shamed by her brother and his friends. Here in 2022 though, we rightfully see Laurie Forman as the feminist icon that she is.

While being promiscuous is her most prominent gag, Laurie has other aspects of her personality that make her a perfect comedic character. Watching the show in present day, it’s clear that Laurie is one of the more open-minded of the characters and is way ahead of her time in terms of female sexuality. Her confidence and shamelessness make her an extremely enjoyable character to watch, despite her mean-girl tendencies.

4. Jackie Burkhart

Jackie can be mean at times, but the hilarious way in which Mila Kunis portrays the character makes up for the spoiled brat routine. Being selfish and spoiled is Jackie’s long-running gag, and as infuriating as it would be to know someone like her in real life, watching her in a television show is absolutely hysterical.

As much hate as she gets for being shallow and daft, Jackie is actually one of the more intelligent characters on the show, and her character development throughout the series is one of the most beloved character arcs in sitcom history. Although she became romantically involved with almost every single guy in the group, Jackie is just as funny when she’s running solo.

3. Michael Kelso

Honestly, this one needs no explanation. The teenage dummy is known for his extreme unintelligence, and while some sitcom dummies can get repetitive, Ashton Kutcher always keeps it interesting.

Despite the plethora of brilliant jokes written for Kelso, 90% of his hilarious antics are due to the comedic delivery by Ashton Kutcher. Kelso’s energetic personality has him bouncing off the walls of every scene, and Kutcher’s infamous “damn, Jackie!” delivery is still revered 20 years after the show’s release.

2. Kitty Forman

Like many of her co-stars, It is Debra Jo Rupp’s comedic acting chops that make Kitty Forman one of the funniest characters on the show. Her brilliant facial expressions, that infamous nervous laugh, and her somewhat sidelined drinking problem make for a hilarious character all around.

The funniest parts of Kitty are the parts you wouldn’t expect from a stay-at-home mom. Her drinking problem, her neurotic behavior, and her tendency to slip into bouts of rage are all aspects of Kitty’s uniquely ironic personality. Debra Jo Rupp is an exceptional comedic actress, and the ways in which her character offsets moody and inconsolable Red makes for a perfectly offbeat sitcom couple.

1. Eric Forman

It’s rare that the main character of a sitcom is the funniest, but in this case it’s the truth. Topher Grace has the perfect combination of well-written jokes and charismatic acting. Similar to Ashton Kutcher, it is his delivery and his, like, awesome hand gestures, that really bring his character to life.

Some of Eric’s funniest interactions are with his parents, as his standoffish relationship with Red is one of the most important aspects of the show. Eric and Red are spectacular in creating a realistically tense relationship, which is uncommon in the sitcom world. When Topher Grace quit the show after season 7, ‘That ’70s Show’ lost a significant portion of its charm.

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