Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools & Horses quiz: Can you finish these hilarious Del Boy one-liners?

Test your Trotter knowledge, bonjour!

Dodgy Del Boy Trotter loved flogging TVs, deep freeze and David Bowie LPs around South London, but when it came to being cheeky his one-liners are absolute comedy gold. Del’s hilarious quotes has had Only Fools and Horses fans in stitches for decades, all thanks to the shows writer John Sullivan.

The wit and wisdom of Peckham’s finest entrepreneur spans from the BBC sitcoms launch back in 1981 until the final episode in 2003, and the humour never gets old. We’re all familiar with the famous “next time we’ll be millionaires” mantra, but how much of Del Boy’s one-liners can you remember?

And let’s not forget all of the insults thrown at brother Rodney, Grandad and Uncle Albert throughout the years. So, take our quiz here and fill in the missing word of Del’s one-liner and see how much of an Only Fools expert you really are!

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