Only Fools and Horses

How one of Grange Hill’s very own wheeler dealers ended up on Only Fools and Horses

The young actor appeared in one of Only Fool's and Horses most popular episodes

It is a known fact in the world of entertainment that there is a constant flow of actors and actresses moving around from one television show to the other.

It’s not that this is their plan but the fickleness of showbiz means that characters come and go, and one minute you’re cock of the walk and the next you’re a feather duster.

Therefore countless actors have found themselves moving through the different soaps or from one television drama to another.

Two very much loved TV programmes set in London are of course no exception and saw one very popular character flip from one world to the other in 1985.

Only Fools and Horses first aired in 1981 while Grange Hill began in 1978 and while Only Fools and Horses was set in Peckham, Grange Hill operated in the fictitious North London borough of Northam.

When Grange Hill was created by Phil Redmond it was ground breaking. No show had ever focused on children and their lives with such depth or dealt with the issues facing them with such maturity.

From 1981 to 1985 Mark Burdis played Christopher “Stewpot” Stewart in the BBC’s children programme.

He was a popular character with his classmates and with viewers alike as he and friend’s Douglas “Pogo” Patterson and Duane Orpington tackled with school life in London.

The trio were renowned for some crazy money making schemes which didn’t really ever turn out how they hoped.

In 1985 Mark left Grange Hill but sure as rain he turned up in one of Only Fools and Horses most famous episodes.

He appeared in To Hull and Back, the first feature length edition of Only Fools And Horses, playing garage mechanic Colin, who works for Boycie.

Perhaps if he had Pogo and Duane with him he could have given Del Boy and Rodney a run for their money.

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