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That ‘90s Show Can Finally Fulfill Red’s Biggest Obsession

That '90s Show's timeline coincides with an important Green Bay Packers event, which can finally fulfill Red's greatest That '70s Show obsession.

That ‘90s Show has the opportunity to play on some of the original characters’ greatest qualities to make them even better, which includes Red Forman’s Green Pay Packers obsession. As a sequel series to That ‘70s Show, Netflix’s upcoming That ‘90s Show is reviving many of the original sitcom’s quirks, relics, and locations, which includes the Packers’ “Stupid Helmet” in the Formans’ iconic basement. That ‘90s Show images reveal that not much has changed for Red and Kitty Forman over the past two decades, but certain real-world developments in the new era can add a new layer of excitement to the original characters.

While Red Forman (Kurtwood Smith) was known for being bothered by almost everything, with major exceptions being ice fishing and the Green Bay Packers. As a Wisconsin native, Red bled green and yellow, with the only other That ‘70s Show characters giving him a run for his money with his football obsession being Bob Pinciotti and Pastor Dave. Some of the very few moments in which Red is genuinely seen to be happy in That ‘70s Show occur regarding the Packers, which includes the notable game he attends with Eric and the moment in season 8 when he finally receives the Packers season tickets he’s always dreamed of. In a perfectly fitting ending for That ’70s Show, Red’s deciding factor to stay in Point Place is the Green Bay Packers.

Red’s notable obsession with the Packers became one of his greatest character traits in That ‘70s Show, but his love and patience for the team can finally be fulfilled in That ‘90s Show’s timeline. While Red was an avid Packers fan in That ‘70s Show, he never got to see his dream of the team having a winning season fulfilled during the 1976-1979 timeline. The last time the Green Bay Packers had won the Super Bowl was in 1968, which was eight years before That ‘70s Show’s pilot episode took place. It wasn’t until 1997 that the Packers would have a winning season and return to not only play in the Super Bowl but to win it all, with the game conveniently aligning with That ‘90s Show’s timeline.

The developments of Red’s character in That ‘90s Show are unknown, but if one thing is for sure, he’s still Point Place’s biggest Green Bay Packers fan. Not much went in Red’s favor over the course of That ‘70s Show, including his letdowns of the Packers. When That ‘90s Show brings back Kurtwood Smith’s character, he may have the opportunity to see his fanboy obsession fulfilled by seeing his favorite team win the Super Bowl again. That ‘70s Show was never able to depict Red reveling in the glory of the Packers winning a Super Bowl, but the 1997 championship can finally show Red on one of the happiest days of his entire life, perhaps even celebrating the game with Eric and Donna’s daughter, Leia.

Since That ‘90s Show begins in 1995, it wouldn’t be until a few seasons later that the sequel series would be able to depict Red watching the Packers win the biggest game of the year. The Packers game was one of the only moments in That ‘70s Show in which Red became visibly emotional and was explicitly proud of Eric (even if he wore a Bears jersey), so it would be even more sentimental if That ‘90s Show repeated this heartwarming father-son moment for the 1997 Super Bowl. With Red enjoying retirement and spending the summer with Kitty and Leia, That ‘90s Show can double down on the character’s Packers obsession for the first season in anticipation of the team’s near-future Super Bowl win.

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