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David Jason gives heartfelt tribute to Only Fools and Horses co-star John Challis: ‘A kind and ordinary loveable sort of chap’

Actor David Jason has given a heartfelt tribute to his former Only Fools and Horses co-star John Challis during an appearance on This Morning.

While appearing on Monday’s show (20 September) to discuss his new book, the 81-year-old honoured John, who was best known for playing Terrance Aubrey “Boycie” Boyce on the BBC sitcom.

The actor sadly passed away on Sunday from cancer at the age of 79.

Holly Willoughby expressed her condolences for John’s passing, to which David replied: “Yeah I mean, it wasn’t a complete surprise because poor old John hadn’t been well for the last month or two but it seems he went down hill so fast, very rapidly.

“One minute we were thinking he was on the road to recovery and sadly it just took him quite swiftly. So we’re still suffering a bit of shock I’m afraid.”

Speaking about how John was a talented actor, he continued: “It comes as a bit of a surprise sometimes to people that John Challis was such a kind and such an ordinary loveable sort of chap.

“Totally different to the character Boycie that he played and a lot of people tend to think that that was John and it wasn’t. It just showed the skill that he had as an actor to portray Boycie the way that he did because it was totally against his natural nature.”

It’s fair to say fans loved David’s heartfelt tribute and appearance on Monday’s show.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Anyone else care to tweet that David Jason is a National Treasure before we move on?”

A second said: “The word legend gets thrown about a lot needlessly. Sir David Jason is a True Legend! National Treasure.”

Another tweeted: “What a beautiful interview with Sir David Jason! Thank you everyone! What a true gentleman.

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