Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools and Horses fan from Essex honoured in Basildon funeral

The scene played out was from Steve's favourite episode

A ‘loved’ Essex man who sadly passed away has been honoured in an incredible Only Fools and Horses funeral procession.

Steve Holloway, from Long Riding and known as “Plum” to his loved ones, was carried through the streets of Basildon in the iconic three-wheeled van painted in the same bright yellow as the Trotter brother’s Reliant Regal.

Steve’s daughter, Claire Wisker and Steve’s best friend’s daughter, Maria, ran ahead of the car dressed like Batman and Robin, in reference to the 1996 Christmas episode when Del Boy and Rodney dressed up like them.

Claire Wisker, said: “My dad was very loved. We all loved him.

“Hie was a bit of a comedian and he was a real Only Fools and Horses fan.

“He was a big character and thought he was a bit of a Del Boy – always laughing and joking. That’s one of the reasons why we did the funeral service like this.”

They ran past Pitsea Market with the car horn beeping and many people watching, laughing, crying and filming with their phones, while Claire and Maria ran ahead of the hearse in homage to Steve’s favourite episode.

Claire and Maria dressed as Batman and Robin in the iconic Christmas episode
Claire and Maria dressed as Batman and Robin in the iconic Christmas episode (Image: Claire Wisker)

Claire, 47 and also from Basildon, added: “It was dad’s favourite episode.

“That’s why we wanted to dress as Batman and Robin. We wanted to get the last laugh – but I think he’s had the last laugh because we didn’t get this much attention.

“People’s reactions to it [has been] lovely. You could see people crying in the street, people were laughing, others had their phones out. When I was running everywhere and when I looked, people were on their phones recording.

“It was really crazy and honestly, all we were trying to do was give my dad a great send-off.”

The video of Claire and Maria running in front of the Trotter’s Independent Traders car went viral, with thousands of people loving the idea.

Claire admitted she was “overwhelmed” by the support and love that she and their family received from the video.

The funeral service was held at the Pitsea Crematorium, where the theme tune of Batman was playing during the beautiful service.

The send-off was beautiful
The send-off was beautiful (Image: Claire Wisker)

Claire also thanked the funeral directors, T Cribbs, who helped piece the idea together.

“They were amazing,” Claire said.

“They gave us a few surprises along the way with their ideas and they were fantastic. I can’t thank them enough”.

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