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10 Times Robin Williams Was The Funniest Man Alive

Though many comedians have made their mark in the entertainment industry, many fans will always view Robin Williams as the funniest entertainer.

Few careers in film history have delivered as much heartwarming hilarity as that of comedy legend Robin Williams. 7 years after the actor’s tragic death, the world still clings to the joy that he brought it through movies and TV. With Williams’ days in the spotlight lasting over 3 decades, there are plenty of amazing moments to look back on.

Though Robin Williams possessed exceptional skill as both a funnyman and a dramatic actor, it’s the laughs that stay fixed in the minds of fans. At the peak of his powers, Robin Williams was one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, and to many he was the funniest person on the planet.

10. Mork And Mindy Set The Stage For The All-Time Great’s Comedy Career

Before Robin Williams made his name as a bankable megastar in Tinseltown as both a comedian and a dramatic actor, he had audiences splitting their sides every week as the star of his own sitcom. Mork and Mindy was developed as a spin-off after Williams’ show-stealing appearance on Happy Days.

The late 70s may have been early in the cinema legend’s career, but each and every episode of this classic series works as a showcase for Williams’ immeasurable talent. Williams even earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for his performances as the quirky spaceman Mork.

9. Good Morning Vietnam Made Williams A Star

There’s no better example of Williams’ power to effortlessly make an audience laugh than his performance in Good Morning, Vietnam. The film not only features some of Williams’ most amusing quotes, accents, and impressions, it also allowed him to show glimpses of the dramatic talents he would later fully utilize as a Hollywood star.

Good Morning, Vietnam saw him win his second of a remarkable six Golden Globe awards.

8. Williams Had Matt Damon In Tears Laughing While Filming Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon is what you’d call a consummate professional when it comes to acting, yet during the shooting of 1997’s Good Will Hunting, the future Jason Bourne had no chance at keeping a straight face whenever Robin Williams let his personal brand of hilarious spontaneous comedy loose.

The now legendary “idiosyncrasies” scene is not only the most amusing sequence in Good Will Hunting, it’s one of the funniest moments in Robin Williams’ incredible movie career. It’s clear when watching that Matt Damon’s laughter is completely genuine, which is almost certainly the case for anyone whenever they’re watching this film.

7. The Improv King Traded Lines With The Best On Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Robin Williams’ improv skills are the stuff of legend. The likes of Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, and Aladdin all showcased Williams’ exceptional skill when they were put to the test. But a stint on Whose Line is it Anyway? in 2000 cemented Williams as a true master of the craft.

Williams was clearly in his element while on the show with Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, and Ryan Stiles. He delivered one hilarious line after another and forever extinguished any idea that he needed a script in order to be funny.

6. The Birdcage Combines The Talents Of Multiple Magnificent Comedians

In 1996, Robin Williams teamed up with fellow funnyman Nathan Lane to create the iconic comedy The Birdcage. The story of a gay couple and their attempts to hide their lifestyle from a right-wing family is far more hilarious than one might imagine. It also manages to bring laughs while sidestepping stereotypes and it’s a firm favorite among the LGBTQ+ community.

Williams and Lane have electric chemistry throughout the film. Whether it’s the ‘passing as straight’ lessons in the film, or Williams demanding that Lane “stop trembling!” The Birdcage is truly comedy gold.

5. Death To Smoochy Featured Some Vastly Underrated Robin Williams Comedy

The dark comedy Death to Smoochy sadly failed to resonate with critics and bombed at the box office upon its release in 2002. However, in recent years, Danny DeVito’s movie has gained a cult following and it’s fondly looked back on thanks to its housing of one of Robin Williams’ funniest performances.

Williams plays a disgraced children’s show host in the picture. It’s an outrageously good time watching Randolph Smiley attempt to sabotage his replacement, the purple monstrosity Smoochy, who happens to be played by the exceptionally talented Edward Norton.

4. 2003 Saw Robin Williams Win His Fifth Grammy Award

In 2003, Robin Williams won his fifth Grammy Award, cementing the status of his iconic voice with yet another golden statue. His accomplishments as a stand-up comedian are well documented and this showing was just another example of how funny the man could be.

Just like with his performances on the big screen, Williams’ had a knack for taking a seemingly mundane situation or concept and transforming it into something incredibly amusing. Robin Williams – Live 2002 is one of many spoken word albums filled with the legendary actor’s outrageous humor and provides a wonderfully insightful outlook on life.

3. Robin Williams Asking “One Drop Or Two?” In Mrs. Doubtfire Has Guaranteed Laughs From Viewers For Decades

Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire may just be Robin Williams’ most iconic live-action role. By 1993, Williams was well known for his wacky on-screen antics, but Mrs. Doubtfire helped establish him as a bonafide box office star, and even if Williams’ character’s behavior seems problematic in retrospect, it is widely regarded as one of the funniest movies ever made.

There’s arguably no scene more hilarious than the one where Daniel is caught without his disguise and is forced to create an impromptu Mrs. Doubtfire mask with cake cream. “One drop or two?” remains an unforgettable, hilarious line from a career filled with them. It’s yet another example of Robin Williams’ genius when it comes to comedy.

2. He Cemented His Status As A Legend While Accepting His Cecil B. DeMille Award

Acceptance speeches simply don’t get much more hilarious than Robin Williams’ collection of quips delivered with increasingly amusing accents as he received his Cecil B. DeMille award. Williams had the audience, which was made up of his fellow film stars, in the palm of his hands from the moment he stepped on stage.

Williams’ special Golden Globe is for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment. The recognition for his remarkable career was well earned on its own, but with his uproarious speech, Robin Williams confirmed that he was a once-in-a-century talent and one of entertainment’s greatest comedic minds.

1. His Performance As The Genie Is One Of The Funniest From Any Actor In The Entire Disney Catalog

The 1990s were a decade of dominance for Robin Williams. Many of his films from the era are now beloved classics, yet perhaps the most popular of them all is Disney’s Aladdin. The heartwarming, humorous tale set in Agrabah is one of Disney’s biggest hits, and it’s one where Robin Williams absolutely steals the show.

Every moment that the big blue guy is on the screen is an utter delight. In true Williams fashion, the actor improvised many of his lines, but what surprised audiences was the rather remarkable singing voice that he displayed in his rendition of “Friend Like Me”.

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