Fans Forgot All About The Time Kaley Cuoco Dated Henry Cavill

For years, fans have speculated about Henry Cavill’s potential relationships and past lovers. But recently, he stepped out with his new girlfriend Natalie, and the internet is collectively swooning (well, except for those jealous fans that wanted Henry to stay single forever).

And while Natalie isn’t a recognizable face in Hollywood, there was a time when Henry dated someone with much more star power. But if fans blinked at the wrong time a few years back, they might’ve missed Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco hitting the town. Clearly, some reminiscing is in order!

What Year Did Kaley Cuoco Date Henry Cavill?

Notice the phrasing here; what year did Kaley date Henry. To put it plainly, Kaley was arguably the more famous of the two back in 2013 when they were photographed together.

Henry had just made his debut as Superman in ‘Man of Steel’ that same year. Kaley, in contrast, was at the peak of fame thanks to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ — and some high-profile relationships, too.

So when Kaley and Henry were snapped by the paps while out in Hollywood in 2013, everyone was abuzz over the pair.

Interestingly, Kaley’s partnership with Henry fit right in between her split from ex-fiancé Josh Resnik (in March of 2012) and her engagement with Ryan Sweeting (in September of 2013).

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How Long Did Henry Cavill Date Kaley Cuoco?

It’s tough to pin down exact timelines (2013 was forever ago, right?!), but most sources agree that Kaley and Henry only dated for a matter of weeks. Still, during that time, they were photographed in and around Hollywood multiple times.

In fact, at the time, some suggested that their brief “relationship” was a publicity stunt to help Henry’s career. It seems laughable now that he would need such a ‘boost’ after becoming Superman, but that’s what some headlines speculated.

Though their outings generated plenty of buzz for a few weeks, their relationship ended just as quickly as it began, and that was that.

What Happened Between Kaley Cuoco And Henry Cavill?

Kaley Cuoco has always been pretty forthright about her relationships. From the fans’ perspective, at least, Kaley seems to go all-in when she’s dating someone. In most cases, she also remains friends with her exes; her friendship with ex Johnny Galecki is absolutely adorable to this day.

But what has Kaley said about her split from Henry Cavill? Not much, as it turns out.

Fans shouldn’t assume their relationship ended badly, though. In fact, in an interview, when one fan asked the cheeky question, “Is the Man of Steel really made of steel?”, Kaley, who was by then married to her now-husband Karl, cracked up with laughter.

After admitting she didn’t really know, Cuoco later tweeted her support of Henry’s film saying that it was “fantastic in every way.” Even if the two weren’t a match made in Hollywood heaven, at least they’re not enemies today!

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