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Here’s What Inspired Robin Williams’ Daughter’s Name, Zelda

Children of celebrities often end up with unique names. The reason for the eccentric names remains unknown, but as Elon Musk and Grimes recently proved, this trend is as strong now as ever.

As celebrity baby names go, Zelda is tame. When the possibility of being named after an instrument, fruit, or insect exists, a popular name from the early 1900s isn’t so bad. The story behind the name, though, is what makes it interesting.

Zelda Williams is the daughter of the legendary actor Robin Williams. The beloved comedian was known for his quirky sense of humor and iconic movie roles. While he sadly passed away in 2014, his legacy continues. Since his passing, his daughter Zelda has helped keep her father’s memory alive.

Back in 2011, the father and daughter appeared in a video together discussing the meaning behind Zelda’s name. The video posted by GameNews can be found on YouTube, currently holding over 3 million views. This rare look into William’s family life is as intriguing as his daughter’s namesake.

Robin Williams' daughter shares snaps

A Legendary Namesake

The 2011 interview features an uncommon on-camera interaction with Williams and his daughter. The actor, while perceived to be boisterous and extroverted, managed to keep his family and personal life relatively private for his level of celebrity. Because he and Zelda were both avid gamers, GameNews was an appropriate outlet for their interview. However, the real star of the interview wasn’t Williams himself or his daughter. It was the name, Zelda.

In the interview, Williams told the origin story of his daughter’s name, and appropriately it involved gaming. He explained, “because we were playing The Legend of Zelda at the time” he and his pregnant wife were inspired to name their daughter Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda was released in the late 1980s, and Williams and his then-wife were not the only fans of the game. It was one of Nintendo’s best selling games and went on to become their first game to sell over 1 million copies. Williams recalled that the game was “addicting” and explained that he would often spend hours playing it. The game gathered a cult following of like-minded individuals who couldn’t get enough. Because of this, it has been rereleased, and there have been multiple sequels made over the years.

The interview itself features Williams and Zelda playing the game. The enjoyment that they both get out of playing and discussing the game together is evident. Often during the 4-minute interview, the father and daughter pair can be seen laughing uncontrollably. It is clear that they share a special bond and that The Legend of Zelda holds a special place in both of their hearts.

Robin Williams' daughter Zelda forced off Twitter over fake photo of 'dead  father' | Daily Mail Online

What’s In A Name

Some may recall another legendary Zelda that comes to mind: Zelda Fitzgerald. She was the wife of famed writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Williams explained the confusion saying, “a lot of people come up and say ‘is she named after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife?’, no it’s Zelda from The Legend of Zelda“. Though the video game may not be the first thing that comes to mind for most, it was the best choice for Williams’ daughter because “it’s magical, as she is, which is pretty amazing”.

Though Williams saw the magic in the name from the beginning, Zelda herself was not always convinced. As with most unique names, children did not understand it and it ended up using it against her. She recalled, “I was in grade school and girls made fun of me for [my name] and I was like ‘ugh mom I’m going to change my name when I’m 18′”. For years as she was growing up, Zelda resented her name despite the reality of its awesome backstory.

Luckily, as she got older, Zelda had a change of heart. She explains, “I ended up loving it…constantly people are like ‘that is the coolest name ever’ so I actually really enjoy it”. It doesn’t hurt that she is a big gamer herself and a huge fan of the game. As an adult, Zelda sees the beauty in her unique name, especially given the personal meaning behind it.

Since his passing, Williams final years have carried a tone of sadness. However, this interview shows a joyful family man spending quality time with his daughter, exuding happiness. Watching Williams explain his love for The Legend of Zelda and bond with his daughter over their mutual hobby, viewers get the opportunity to see the larger than life comedian in a more natural element. Celebrities are not always the most relatable, but watching Williams interact with his daughter as he explains her namesake is a human moment that fans and Zelda will no doubt cherish forever.

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