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Rami Malek Felt ‘Something Was Happening’ With Robin Williams In ‘Night At The Museum’

Actor-comedian Robin Williams’ legacy lives on in the characters he brought to life on the big screen. From Jumanji to The Birdcage, the late actor starred in various films which have impacted children and adults over the years. On the list of his most memorable roles, is his portrayal of President Theodore Roosevelt in the Night at the Museum film trilogy.

Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek in conversation with Jimmy Fallon, has revealed that he could feel “something was happening” with Williams during the filming of the third film, and shared a memory not many know about.

Robin Williams And The Rosetta Stone

Rami Malek played the Egyptian Pharaoh Ahkmenrah, his feature film debut, in each of the three films. Sharing his experience of working with Robin Williams in three consecutive movies, the actor revealed that during the third film, he could tell something was going on with Williams.

“[It is] sad, but on the third one, we’re shooting at the British Museum at night, and we have the place all to ourselves.”

“And Robin- you could tell something was happening with him,” he said. Malek added that Williams would “go on these riffs every once in a while and light up the world”, surprising everyone at the sets. Unfortunately, he would also “dip back down into this other place”.

Going back to the story, Malek said that he remembered seeing Williams walk off alone, and suddenly he was staring at a massive rock in the British Museum.

“And I’m like, ‘Oh man, what’s going on with him? Is he all right?'”

He continued, “So I walk up to kind of say, ‘Is everything okay?’ and he [Robin Williams] looks at me, slightly over his shoulder, and he goes ‘How often do you get to be alone with the Rosetta Stone?”

Fallon was dumbstruck, and after a few moments, announced that it was the best story he had ever heard in his life.

The actor will be next seen alongside Denzel Washington in The Little Things. Describing the film, Malek shared, “It’s this 1990s psychological thriller that feels like a throwback movie we’ve been yearning for…it is gripping to the very last second.”

 The Little Things releases in select theaters and on HBO Max on January 29th, 2021.

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