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Only Fools and Horses: The Hollywood A-lister who was very nearly cast as Rodney’s love interest

Hit show Only Fools and Horses created some of the most well loved characters in British TV history, and widely considered TV gold the show has stood the test of time and is still enjoyed by many.

With so many memorable characters and lines, the actors who have gone on to achieve fame after the show will forever be associated with their characters.

The comedy is known for its main characters Del Boy and Rodney and their wheeler dealer antics and money making schemes.

TV Only Fools and Horse

But it also charts their hapless attempts at romance and the trials and tribulations of character Rodney’s love life.

Rodney eventually settles down with Cassandra who plays his long suffering wife. The character played by Gwyneth Strong in 1989 appeared in 21 episodes

And it appeared to be a match made in comedy heaven with some of the show’s funniest scenes filmed while Rodney dated Cassandra.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing her but there once was another budding actress who auditioned for the role before going on to an A-list career.

The model and actress Elizabeth Hurley once auditioned ‘enthusiastically’ for the part of Rodney’s girlfriend but was rejected because she was deemed too model.

Liz, 56, made brief appearances in TV drama Inspector Morse and had a small part in Rumpole of the Bailey and The Human Face.

She rose to fame in the nineties after she famously dated actor Hugh Grant at the height of his Four Weddings and a Funeral fame.

She attracted international media attention after wearing the now iconic Versace safety pin dress to the film’s London premiere.

Since then she has gone on to be the face of Estee Lauder and her best known film roles have been in comedy, including Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) and as the Devil in Bedazzled (2000). In 2015, Hurley began starring in the E! original series The Royals.

Hurley didn’t make the cut for the role of Cassandra, and Gwyneth Strong went on to make the role her own with Cassandra becoming one the series’ most memorable characters.

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