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Clint Eastwood’s rare humorous moments during the making of the film.

If you believe that Clint Eastwood is not a comedian, you are correct. But he’s had his comedic moments in movies over the years and a lot of them have subtleties that aren’t always immediately funny but become so due to the way the situation plays out.

When it comes to good old Clint, I’m sure he can be as funny as the next man but he tends to do it in a way that teaches a lesson while he’s funny so the moment doesn’t get wasted. fee. He can laugh, joke and laugh with anyone but it is his most puzzling moments that bring out some of the comedic scenes that really get noticed in his films.

Clint Eastwood's 'Every Which Way But Loose' Getting Remade

Outlaw Josie Wales: While in town, the traveling couple stumbles upon a group of soldiers who don’t know Josey Wales unless he boldly declares himself to the world. His name was better known than his face, and the moment it was heard, he had to judge who would go get their guns first. He was confident that Lone Watie could cover one of them, but the old Indian simply made a comment that he might have missed. That’s funny.

Geoffrey Lewis dies at 79; actor in several Clint Eastwood movies - Los  Angeles Times

High Plains Drifter: This is actually more serious than funny as the scammer is trying to at least make the townspeople available to outlaws looking to make their way back to town for a payback. little. Of course, not all of the townspeople believed that the train driver was actually a man and decided to try him once or twice. This guy thought twice when he realized the driver wasn’t stuck in the back.

Heartbreak Ridge: Gunnery Sergeant Highway is pretty funny throughout the ride even though he doesn’t seem like he should be. He’s almost as rough when they arrive and as tough as a coffin nail, which means his team can get in better shape quickly or they can feel something tough and nagging. they entered the back. It will be his second party before he carries it home.

Clint Eastwood and Manis the Orangutan bonding on the set of "Every Which  Way But Loose" in 1977. : r/OldSchoolCool

All the way but loose: From the moment he got up, the cyclists knew they had bitten a bit more than they could chew with Philo, or at least one of them did. It’s funny how standing up and revealing that you’re so much bigger than someone can make them back down a bit. It’s that moment of insight that makes the scene funny, and even funnier when you’re noting the cyclists in the trash within the next minute.

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